Tom Cruise In “Fury” Over Suri Going Into Show Business?

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Tom Cruise Suri Show Business

By Shari Weiss |

Tom Cruise Suri Show Business

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Tom Cruise is in a “fury” over Suri going into show business, according to a made-up report. Gossip Cop can bust the story. The actor has had nothing to do with his daughter for several years now and is not involved in her life. He is not weighing in on career plans.

But in its print edition and on its website, New Idea is running claims about Suri’s supposed plans to join the Hollywood ranks and her estranged father’s purported reaction. The impetus for the articles is Suri accompanying mom Katie Holmes to introduce Taylor Swift at a Jingle Ball concert earlier this month. With her parental pedigree, the tabloid asserts the tween was “always going to be a natural performer,” and “recently proved her showbiz potential” at the event. Mind you, as seen in the video below, all the 11-year-old did on stage was yell out “Taylor Swift!”

Still, the gossip magazine contends that while she “won over the crowd,” her famous dad was “furious.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “He really thinks Suri is too young to go into show business.” The outlet goes on to claim Cruise also “has concerns about Suri talking to the media — and what she might say publicly about him.” Contends the alleged snitch, “The fact that he hasn’t been around much since the divorce from Katie — it will cast him in a negative light.”

First of all, it’s an understatement to assert Cruise “hasn’t been around much” since he and Holmes divorced in 2012. The fact is, Cruise hasn’t seen his daughter in a number of years. He is not suddenly having a “source” close to him go tell an Australian publication how he feels about seeing Suri on stage at a concert. Nor is he weighing in on her entering show business.

It’s also important to note Suri isn’t actually going the “child star” route. Holmes has every intention of continuing to raise her daughter as a regular kid, an actual Holmes source tells Gossip Cop. There are no plans for her to suddenly segue into acting and there are no plans for her to start “talking to the media.” New Idea concocted this narrative simply because Suri said two words at Jingle Ball.

The tabloid is apparently unaware this wasn’t the first time she’s joined her mom at an event. Holmes also had Suri accompany her on stage at the 2015 Global Citizen Festival. That wasn’t the start of some Hollywood career and neither is this.

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