The claim that Tom Cruise is "envious" of Katie Holmes's alleged "romance" with Jamie Foxx is yet another fake news story from HollywoodLife. Ever since paparazzi pictures emerged of Holmes with Foxx, the repeatedly discredited site has published one phony article after another about the two of them and Cruise. Notice, no other reputable outlets have picked up the webloid's questionable reports. Regardless, Gossip Cop can once again debunk the blog's latest manufactured tale about Cruise being jealous.

In its newest fabrication, HollywoodLies, as it's known, contends it has a so-called "insider" who shared Cruise's reaction to the photos of his ex-wife and Foxx and "how it's got him considering his own personal life." The often disproven site further alleges that "Katie's decision to be less fearful about her romance has Tom hoping to find love again too." The webloid's supposed "source close to Tom" says, "Katie's relationship with Jamie has made Tom take a look at his own relationship history and take stock of his own failures." The same seemingly made-up tipster adds, "Tom is bothered that Katie is so happy with someone else. Tom would love to find his own true love."

Gossip Cop can 100 percent guarantee you that no one in Cruise's inner circle is talking to such an untrustworthy outlet as HollywoodLies nor would anyone "close" to him share the actor's personal thoughts with that site. More significantly, as we have noted before, after Holmes left Scientology, Cruise essentially washed his hands of her. He is not "envious" of nor "bothered" by her alleged "romance" with Foxx. We're told it's nothing more than a completely fabricated premise.

It's interesting that HollywoodLies would write, "Tom would love to find his own true love." Gossip Cop vividly remembers exposing the site when it absurdly maintained Cruise and Lindsay Lohan were dating. Back in 2014, the outlet giddily reported how the two were "flirting all night" while out one evening in London and that Lohan was "head over heels" for Cruise (see below). Of course, that was totally untrue.

But that's not all. In the past, the website has published a number of inaccurate articles that it similarly asserted came from sources close to Cruise and Holmes. For instance, Gossip Cop busted the unreliable blog when it wrongly reported in 2012 that Holmes was pregnant with their second child. Another lie we shot down was the website's report about how Cruise was "leaving Scientology to win Katie Holmes back."

It appears after paparazzi photos of Holmes and Foxx were published that HollywoodLife is now simply making up fake news about them and Cruise for traffic. In the past few days, Gossip Cop has called out the site for creating an untrue tale about how supposedly Katie Holmes "doesn't dare" if Cruise is "furious" over Foxx. We also blasted the outlet for fabricating how Cruise feels "betrayed" by Holmes and Foxx.

As we mentioned above, Holmes and Cruise have almost nothing to do with one another since divorcing more than five years ago. Cruise is not "envious," "furious" "upset," "betrayed," "bothered" or any other phony emotion concocted by HollywoodLies. He has moved on and so has Holmes. Now, it's time for the webloid to move on.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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