Tom Cruise Trying To “Dethrone” Queen Elizabeth?!

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Tom Cruise Dethrone Queen elizabeth

By Shari Weiss |

Tom Cruise Dethrone Queen elizabeth

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Tom Cruise is NOT trying to “dethrone” Queen Elizabeth, despite an utterly ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can bust this absurdity.

According to this week’s National Enquirer, Cruise “wants Scientology to be top dog & destroy the monarchy.” The supermarket tabloid claims the actor “one day soon hopes to make Scientology bigger than the British Royal Family and he’s willing to spend millions to make it happen!” How so? “The megastar’s plan to break British aristocracy involves pumping his hard-earned dollars into transforming Scientology’s U.K. headquarters at Saint Hill into a palace,” writes the outlet.

Cruise is described as being “fed up with being snubbed by the royals.” A so-called “friend” is quoted as saying that while Queen Elizabeth is “totally unimpressed with his celebrity,” the movie star is “obsessed with the royal family. It’s a world he’s never been able to crack — and it eats at his craw.” And so, the magazine claims, “Tom’s goal now is to have cult replace the monarchy out of spite for being ignored by the British upper crust.”

“Tom’s investing a lot of his own money back into the church, and secretly the talk is how they want to topple the royal family,” alleges the supposed tipster. “It might sound like a deluded dream, but with bottomless cash and ongoing renovations they believe that, in time, Saint Hill will overshadow Buckingham Palace.”

Say what you will about Cruise, but it’s actually the National Enquirer that’s deluded in this instance. Expansion plans at the U.K. Scientology locale have nothing to do with the monarchy. And the notion that the actor is trying to “topple” an institution that’s been in place for hundreds of years is quite possibly one of the most insane things the tabloid has printed about him… and that’s saying something.


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