Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig Competing To Be Top “Action Hero”?

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Tom Cruise Daniel Craig

By Andrew Shuster |

Tom Cruise Daniel Craig

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Tom Cruise and Daniel Craig are not in a competition to be the top “action hero” in the movies, despite a bogus report alleging that the Mission: Impossible and James Bond stars are feuding. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this supposed rivalry. We’re told it’s entirely fabricated.

Last August, Cruise broke his ankle while performing a dangerous stunt for Mission: Impossible – Fallout, the upcoming sixth installment in the spy movie franchise. According to RadarOnline, the main reason that the actor sustained the injury is because he’s in a fierce competition with Craig, who’s been known to do many of his own stunts for the 007 films. “Tom is so determined to out-do Daniel, especially when it comes to stunts,” a supposed insider tells the site.

“He’ll do whatever it takes to prove he’s the better action man, even when that means taking all kinds of dangerous risks,” adds the alleged source. The purported tipster further contends that Cruise has been obsessed with Craig ever since the actor made his Bond debut in 2006’s Casino Royale, and often “spends hours on end analyzing all his films and stunts.” The questionable insider concludes, “If [Cruise] carries on down this route it could be dangerous.”

But Gossip Cop checked in with source close to Cruise, who wasn’t at liberty to comment on the record, but denied he’s “obsessed” with Craig. Meanwhile, Craig’s camp also denies there’s a rivalry. In should be noted that Cruise has been performing his own stunts for more than 20 years for the Mission: Impossible franchise, which began in 1996. That, of course, is a long time before Craig became Bond. Regardless, Cruise has explained in the past that he performs his own stunts because it’s more exciting for the audience. The movie star simply isn’t in a competition with any of his peers.

It should also be noted that Gossip Cop previously called out RadarOnline for coming up with a different take on this narrative. The outlet previously alleged that Cruise perform his own stunts because he fears he’ll die young of cancer like his father did, so he has no problem being “reckless.” That phony story was also written to capitalize on the accident that took place on the set of the latest Mission: Impossible movie. So not only did insiders within both Cruise and Craig’s camp shoot down the site’s latest article, but the blog has also inadvertently proven itself to be unreliable by publishing a report with a different explanation as to why Cruise performs his own stunts.

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