Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchen Headed For $600 Million Divorce?

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Cover of Life & Style with Tom Brady and Gisele Bunchen

By Hugh Scott |

Cover of Life & Style with Tom Brady and Gisele Bunchen

(Life & Style)

Tom Brady’s future in the NFL may be uncertain, but his marriage to Gisele Bündchen is not. A tabloid alleging they’re getting an $600 million divorce is false. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

In a phony cover story from Life & Style, the tabloid claims Bündchen is “begging Tom to retire.” The outlet quotes a supposed source as saying, “Gisele puts up with his training and game schedule, but she hates that he’s away from home so much.” It’s not like the Patriots quarterback is jet-setting around like some kind of playboy. He’s working and Bündchen certainly understands that, after almost 12 years of being married to a professional athlete.

Nevertheless, the dubious source alleges that Brady and Bündchen have been “having some nasty, blowout fights” over his refusal to retire. “One was after Gisele told Tom that a psychic told her to leave him,” adds the questionable insider. “Of course he told her that was ridiculous and laughed at her. They’ve said some really ugly things to each other – it’s gotten really bad. Some friends think there’s no going back.”

Bündchen directly contradicted this bogus narrative in a recent interview with the Observer. In it, the supermodel tells the publication, “I’ve been with my husband for more than 12 years now and, as you know, men are very… They want a lot of attention… So I think the important part is to have fully present moments with everybody. I think that leads to fulfillment.” She goes to explain that she tries to be “present” all the time, both with her children and her husband.

Last week, Bündchen posted a photo to her Instgram page of her sweetly kissing their daughter on the forehead and Brady commented just as sweetly on the post, writing, “My two loves.” Earlier this month, Bündchen shared an Instagram post of her daughter watching her dad from their suite at a Patriots game. The model added the caption, “Let’s go pats!!!!” This completely contradicts the idea that Bündchen is ready to divorce her husband because he won’t retire. In reality, she supports his football career. The tabloid has no clue what’s going on in the couple’s relationship.

The spouses have found themselves in the middle of a number of false tabloid reports lately. Last month, Life & Style’s sister publication, Star, falsely claimed Brady and Bündchen were living separate lives. The outlet alleged, “She does her thing and he does his, and they’re happier that way. That’s not to say they don’t care for each other, they do – in their own way. Bündchen thoroughly debunked this premise with her recent interview. Gossip Cop can confirm this latest story is more fiction.


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