Tom Arnold Says It’s His “Duty” To Run For Congress Against Rep. Steve King Of Iowa

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Tom Arnold Congress Iowa

By Michael Lewittes |

Tom Arnold Congress Iowa

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Tom Arnold seemingly announced that he’s going to run for Congress in Iowa. The actor and comedian tweeted early Sunday morning, “I realize it’s my duty 2 move back 2 Iowa, run 4 congress & send @SteveKingIA back 2 asphalt business.” Arnold was referring to the Republican incumbent, Steve King, who’s been in Congress since 2003. See Arnold’s tweet below.

And while Arnold said he should move back to Iowa and run against Rep. King, his rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop he isn’t actually go to throw his hat into the ring.

Still, Arnold has been a vocal opponent of King’s for a long time. Back in 2012, Arnold tweeted, “Hey fellow Iowans: Has this Rep Steve King always been a right wing nut job or is he just finding his groove?” In a tweet the following year, the actor referred to Congressman King as an “idiot.”

This is all too bad. It certainly would have made for a good race. Last year, Rep King, who represents Iowa’s 4th congressional district, which includes Sioux City and the state’s northwest section, said of gays, “I don’t expect to meet them should I make it to heaven.” And in 2012, Rep. King introduced an amendment to the House Farm Bill, which would lift pre-existing bans on keeping pregnant pigs in tiny crates and putting arsenic in chicken feeds.

Had Arnold decided to really run, he would not have been the only actor seeking a congressional seat. As Gossip Cop reported, Melissa Gilbert announced in August that she’s looking to represent Michigan’s 8th congressional district.

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