Toby Keith Explains Why He Performs For Donald Trump On “The View” (VIDEO)

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The View Toby Keith

By Shari Weiss |

The View Toby Keith


Toby Keith discussed politics and explained why he performs for Donald Trump on “The View” on Friday. Check out the video below.

Keith was on the ABC show to celebrate his new album Bus Songs, and the audience members all waved red solo cups in the air in celebration of the country icon’s classic song of the same name. But after basic chit-chat, the conversation turned political. Joy Behar brought up his pre-inauguration performance before Donald Trump’s swearing-in ceremony, noting, “A lot of singers didn’t want to do the inauguration because they didn’t want to alienate half the country, but you said yes. Tell us about why you did that, why you said yes.”

“Every president, three of them, the last three, have asked me to come to the White House. The White House has asked me to come do stuff for the presidents, and I’ve always said yes to all three of them,” he explained. Behar pushed, “So it’s just been for America?” Keith confirmed that was the case and received applause from the crowd. Paula Faris then brought up his political leanings and allegations that he “glorified the Iraq war.” He shared, “I’m an independent, but I think I’m the only independent in my family tree that hasn’t been a Democrat. But I was catching so much flak on both sides that I just said I’m neither, you guys. I know the difference between right and wrong. Everything’s so right-left, and I see things right and wrong my own way and I don’t have to be told.”

Sara Haines then said Keith also “caught some heat” a few months ago when he was the first Western artist to perform in Saudi Arabia during Trump’s visit to the country. The star sang for an all-male Muslim audience. He told the co-hosts, “The beautiful part about it is the King did a big reach-out. He’s bringing basketball, he’s bringing the Globetrotters, he’s bringing drag racing, and they’re doing a reach-out and trying to make some big changes over there. I was told after my concert that if I was here next year and they’d like to have me back, that women would be able attend. So at least there’s changes going on.”

Keith was next asked if he’s “weighed in” yet on the debate surrounding Confederate statues and if they should be torn down. “I haven’t, but each community, if they’ve been there a long time and the communities are living with it, fine. If they want to vote it out, I think it should be up to the community.” Behar seemed like she was trying to bait him into saying more by suggesting the statues celebrate treason, but Keith simply said, “I’d have to go check into it. I haven’t been up to date on that one.” Watch the video below.

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