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Is Tobey Maguire being “pressured” by his girlfriend Tatiana Dieteman to propose? Sources tell one outlet that Maguire is not keen to get married again after his 2017 divorce, but Dieteman is demanding “commitment.” Gossip Cop examined the rumor and felt there was something familiar about the narrative.

Trouble In Paradise For Tobey Maguire

Star reports this week that Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire is facing off with his girlfriend of two years, Tatiana Dieteman, over her desire to tie the knot. According to sources who spoke with the outlet, Dieteman and Maguire are “at odds over their future,” adding that neither one is willing to back down from their positions.

Tobey Maguire standing with his now ex-wife Jennifer Meyer
(Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com)

For his part, Maguire is feeling a little gun-shy about getting married again after he split from his ex-wife, Jennifer Meyer, who’s also the mother of the actor’s two children. He’s more than content with how his relationship with Dieteman is currently going, with the source chiming in,

Tobey likes things the way they are, easygoing and casual.

Dieteman, however, doesn’t feel the same way about the matter at all, the insider snitches. “Tatiana feels it’s time for a commitment,” the source contends. Though “Tobey wants to work it out,” he won’t accept an ultimatum, the source continues, with the tabloid adding that “the model would be better off compromising.” In conclusion, the insider asserts that “if the only way” Dieteman will be happy is by Maguire “giving her everything she wants, he’s not prepared to do that.”

Repeating The Same Narrative

Gossip Cop couldn’t help but feel as if we’d seen almost this exact story sometime before. Then we realized: this outlet prints almost this same story, with a woman pressuring their marriage-shy boyfriend to propose every few weeks. In fact, we busted this same tabloid back in 2019 for claiming that Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara were constantly fighting over whether or not to get married and have kids.

We reached out to someone close to that situation who assured us the tabloid’s reporting was false. Phoenix and Mara recently welcomed their first child, a son they named River, which also belies the reporting that Phoenix was unwilling to commit to fatherhood. People also reports that the pair are engaged, and have been since late 2019, further proof that Star had no idea what it was talking about.

That brings us back to this story. It’s possible that Tobey Maguire is reluctant to get married again, especially since it’s only been a few years since his divorce. It’s also possible that Tatiana Dieteman wants to eventually get married to Maguire, given that the couple has been dating for about two years now. What seems utterly unlikely is the claim that Dieteman is hounding Maguire for an engagement. Given the tabloid’s shoddy record on this topic, Gossip Cop feels comfortable calling this story probably false.

This tabloid has also targeted Maguire’s Great Gatsby co-star Leonardo DiCaprio with its false claims. Earlier this summer, the outlet insisted that DiCaprio had told his girlfriend Camila Morrone that he needed a “break.” The two had recently been seen together in public, which made the “break” claim a little hard for Gossip Cop to swallow. With a track record this bad, it’s hard to trust this outlet.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


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