Tinder Couple Meet On ‘Good Morning America’ Three Years After Matching (VIDEO)

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Tinder Couple Meet GMA

By Andrew Shuster |

Tinder Couple Meet GMA


Two college students who’ve been exchanging messages since matching on the dating app Tinder three years ago met in person for the first time on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America.” Watch the video below!

Kent State University seniors Michelle and Josh kept a running joke of delayed replies to each other, each waiting several weeks to respond before coming up with a creative excuse for the snub. Michelle took two months to reply after Josh first reached out, writing back, “Hey sorry my phone died!” Two months later, he said, “Hey, sorry was in the shower.” This continued for three years until Josh eventually tweeted the exchange, which went viral.

On Tuesday’s “GMA,” Michelle and Josh finally came face-to-face, but they were first separated by a wall and asked a series of questions to see if they’d actually make a good pair. Co-anchor Michael Strahan first asked Michelle why she never met her Tinder match, to which she explained, “I was committed to my joke… I loved the fact that we had a similar sense of humor, so I was not gonna be the one that gave in and gave up that great joke we had.”

When asked her idea of the “perfect date,” Michelle offered, “Anything that can get us laughing,” while Josh admitted he “loves outdoors things,” but the “most important thing is the food.” As for each student’s “go-to karaoke song,” Michelle picked Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69,” while Josh chose John Legend’s “All of Me,” to which she joked, “Wow! That’s a little romantic.”

After both Michelle and Josh revealed potato chips to be one of their favorite junk foods, Strahan exclaimed, “I think we have something here!” And when both agreed “The Office” was the best show to binge watch, the “GMA” host said, “I think that makes it official. You’re a match made in Tinder heaven.” Watch the video below!

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