Tina Fey: Colin Quinn Called Me C-Word At ‘SNL’ (AUDIO)

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Tina Fey Howard Stern Colin Quinn

By Andrew Shuster |

Tina Fey Howard Stern Colin Quinn

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Tina Fey revealed on Monday’s “Howard Stern Show” that she was once in a feud with former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Colin Quinn, who called the comedienne the [C-word] on her answering machine. Listen to the audio below!

Fey appeared on Stern’s radio show to promote her upcoming movie Sisters, but first the host wanted her to clarify an old, but untold story he had overheard. “Somebody [at ‘SNL’] called you a [C-word]… Who?” asked Stern. Fey, who was clearly uncomfortable dredging up the story, said, “You know, we’ve since made up.”

But Stern, in his usual fashion, kept pressing until Fey finally gave up the name. “I love him so much… It was Colin Quinn,” she revealed. The former “SNL” head writer couldn’t quite explain why Quinn called her the highly offensive term. “I was trying to help him with a show that he was working on, and I think his anxiety about the writing of the show spilled over,” Fey said. “It was very random. I was like, ‘What?!’ He left me a message and said that.”

Fey continued, “I couldn’t even guess why. Usually if someone calls you that, you’re like, ‘I know what I did.'” Stern then joked, “By the way, guess who’s not in Sisters? Colin Quinn.” The actress laughed and noted, “I asked Colin to be on ’30 Rock’ like three times after that and he turned us down every time.” Stern quipped, “Because you’re a [C-word]!”

Fey went on to insist that the beef with Quinn has since been squashed, saying the feud officially ended when the two met up at the “SNL 40” reunion earlier this year. Listen to the funny story below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.

UPDATE: Colin Quinn Apologized For Calling Tina Fey C-Word.


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