How Timothée Chalamet Managed To Impress His Co-Stars On Set

close up side profile of Timothee Chalamet smiling in a black jacket

By Elyse Johnson |

close up side profile of Timothee Chalamet smiling in a black jacket

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Timothée Chalamet has quickly become one of Hollywood’s most talented and watched young actors. The 24-year-old star  began his career in 2007 but didn’t gain recognition until 2014, when he starred in the movie, Interstellar. From there, Chalamet began starring in various movies before his breakthrough performance in Call Me By Your Name. Chalamet played the main character, Elio, who falls in love with an older graduate student and assistant to his father.

Chalamet was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance. From there, Chalamet’s talent became unavoidable. The actor starred in the coming-of-age films Lady Bird and Hot Summer Nights, as well as the drama Beautiful Boy. While Chalamet has wowed many critics and movie-goers, the actor has also managed to impress the people who matter most: his co-stars.

The cast and crew of “Call Me Be Your Name” praised the actor

Many have already said that they consider Timothée Chalamet to be an “old soul” for the way he carries himself and his ability to play characters with certain depth. His Call Me By Your Name co-star and romantic interest, Armie Hammer, agreed with this theory.

Hammer played Oliver, the older assistant who begins a relationship with Chalamet’s character. When speaking on starring in the film with the young actor, Hammer found himself looking to Chalamet for advice and inspiration. “I was asking him for advice. I was like, ‘How did you do that? What is that thing? The emotional vulnerability and the rawness; what’s the secret behind that?’,” Hammer told Deadline.

The director of the film, Luca Guadagnino, spoke of Chalamet’s ability to be caring while also projecting the image of a determined craftsman. The director even said that when he met the young actor, he immediately recognized the talent and passion within him. “The guy I was talking with had this brooding, unbiased determination and ambition to be a great actor, and yet he had this kind of soft, ingénue naïveté of a young boy. Those two things together were incredible,” Guadagnino explained.

Timothée Chalamet’s performance in “Beautiful Boy” won many over

The praise Chalamet received didn’t just end there. Nic Sheff, whom Chalamet portrayed in Beautiful Boy, noted that Chalamet was very insightful with every question he asked in reference to playing him in the movie. Sheff recalled that he could tell Chalamet did his homework on the role since the film tackled Sheff’s drug use and addiction.

“I could tell that he’d done a ton of research about what addiction looks like, and what these drugs actually do to your body. Even in terms of what the physicality of the detox process is like. I could tell all this stuff because the questions he was asking were so well informed. I left that first meeting with Timmy feeling like there was no one else that could do this,” Sheff revealed about Chalamet.

The film’s director, Felix van Groeningen, was happy with his decision in casting Timothée Chalamet for the film and commented that the Dune star managed to have the “perfect vibe” with co-star Steve Carell. “His fearlessness is really his genius,” Van Groeningen explained.

It seems like everyone who’s worked with the star agrees that despite his young age, the actor is every bit as impressive as he seems.