Timbaland Slammed For Facebook Post Calling Caitlyn Jenner “Bruce”

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Timbaland Bruce Jenner

By Michael Lewittes |

Timbaland Bruce Jenner

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Timbaland is taking heat for a photo he posted on Facebook about Caitlyn Jenner, along with the caption, “His momma named him Bruce. Imma call him Bruce.” A number of commenters are slamming the musician for being close-minded and transphobic. Some have even pointed out the irony of him going by the name of Timbaland when his own momma named him Timothy. See Timbaland’s post below.

One commenter named Lucas wrote on the post, which has been shared more than 1,000 times, “this is so disrespectful. arent u ashamed of being so small minded? I wonder how people in your business still works w/ you, even when you act like a douchbag.” Another former follower named Jared posted, “I just unliked this a-holes page.” And a commenter by the name of Jeremy wrote, “You just lost a fan, because you’re an a**.”

Another individual, Marissa, pointed out, “I assume your mother named you Timbaland? Not Timothy?” Meanwhile a commenter named Def felt, “timbaland is entitled to feel how he feels BUT……if u dont have anything NICE to say, then SHUT-UP….ur mama shouldve taught u that….Grow up timbaland, too old for this immature shhhh*t.”

Caitlyn Jenner’s mother is still calling her “Bruce,” as Gossip Cop noted, but that’s because she’s been calling him that for 65 years, and admitted it’s a “struggle for me to get used to the change, but happily so.”

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, Timbaland is not the first celebrity to questionably comment about Jenner now going by the name of Caityln. Earlier in the day, Drake Bell posted on Twitter, “Sorry… still calling you Bruce.” Bell ultimately deleted the tweet, but not before getting slammed on Twitter. Check out Timbaland’s Facebook post below about Caitlyn Jenner, and tell us what you think of it.

Timbaland Bruce Jenner



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