Has Tim McGraw walked out on Faith Hill after 24 years of marriage? That rumor, which is being pushed by one tabloid this week, is totally false. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to this week's issue of Globe, McGraw and Hill are living "separate lives" after McGraw left his deal with Sony that the couple signed three years ago to return to Big Machine Records, the label he had worked with previously. A supposed "source" close the couple alleges that it's "going to make it very hard for Faith to launch her comeback as a solo artist" since she "put her career on the back burner" to raise their three daughters. "She's convinced that there won't be much interest in promoting her alone!"

The tabloid then claims that Hill wanted to join McGraw as his "support act" on his upcoming solo Here on Earth tour. McGraw allegedly refused because "he wants his career to be his own" and "does't want to play concerts and have the audience yell out, 'Where's Faith?'" More of these suspicious "insiders" believe this turmoil will likely lead to a bitter divorce. These questionable sources add that Hill "wanted to keep tabs" on her husband so he wouldn't "plunge back into his partying past." McGraw has in the past credited his wife with helping him move on from his wild lifestyle. "You would have thought he'd have been more loyal after she stood by him like that," concludes one of the tabloids dubious tipsters.

Gossip Cop investigated this story and has found absolutely no truth to it. While McGraw has not fully explained why he left his Sony contract, a spokesperson for the country music star denies the claim that the decision has put him and Hill on the brink of divorce. Just two days before Billboard broke the story that McGraw had parted ways with Sony, he posted a photo to Instagram of himself and Hill at the 2015 Oscars. "#Oscars flashback with my baby," he wrote. Given that he probably ended his deal with Sony some time before Billboard reported it, it seems extremely unlikely that McGraw and Hill's marriage had started "crumbling" by the time Globe ran its phony story.

In November of last year, the tabloid had run an extremely similar article claiming McGraw and Hill's marriage had "exploded." The current story borrows heavily from this one, right down to having the exact same wording. For example, that story also says that McGraw "wants his career to be his own," that he didn't want the audience to "yell out, 'Where's Faith,'" and that Hill wants to "keep tabs" on her husband to keep him from plunging "back into his partying past." It appears the Globe pulled a move even lazier than just pulling a story out of thin air: outright plagiarizing its own work from just a few months ago.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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