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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have had one of the steadiest marriages in the entertainment industry. According to one publication and its sources, however, the two have had a crazy few months. It's a story full of twists and turns, but does it actually contain any truth?

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Wild Ride

The couple's been married since 1996, and they've been nothing but sweet since. Of course, as veterans of the celebrity world, their relationship has weathered hundreds of reports about the two splitting up. One series of stories about Tim McGraw and Faith Hill caught our attention more than the usual array, however.

Back in May 2019, OK! claimed that the country veterans' marriage was in crisis. According to the tabloid's sources, the two were undoubtedly divorcing after years and years of "fights, secrets, and lies" came to a head. "No one would be surprised if they officially ended it in the near future, especially since they've been practically living separate lives for months," an anonymous tipster argued. "The buzz is that it's just a matter of who files the paperwork first."

Of course, it's kind of cheating to refer to "buzz" when you're the only one making the claim, but that's not the most egregious of the tabloid's antics. It quickly devolved into a slugfest against the marriage. The insider threw out grand arguments about how Tim McGraw "is very flirtatious," while Faith Hill could only be "jealous and nervous" about her husband's supposed behavior.

Faith Hill in a golden dress sings and sit across from Tim McGraw in a black shirt, jeans, and cowboy hat

The couple on the Soul2Soul Tour in 2017 (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Despite the fact that McGraw and Hill have both toured without problem individually and together for literal decades, the supposed insider painted a very different picture. "Faith made it clear that she didn't like the idea of women throwing themselves at him at every show," they claimed, "and said that she could make their time apart permanent if he was so gung-ho about leaving home."

It's a pretty standard set of claims for a fake story about a celebrity relationship, although the source wasn't content with just those bold statements. Faith Hill, despite supposedly being a nervous/jealous wreck, was also a flirt that also left Tim McGraw nervous and jealous.

The source then decided to claim that McGraw and Hill were both prepared to viciously fight one another over their fortune. Apparently, it made sense to the magazine for the two to still love each other enough to worry about their loyalty to each other, but not enough to consider working things out without going to a prolonged court battle at the drop of a hat.

Things started looking up within a few issues

Then, OK! decided that things were back to okay for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. In fact, things were never less than stellar, the magazine said in September. The outlet claimed that McGraw and Hill were able to "overcome any obstacles" in the entire history of their marriage, and they were celebrating by renewing their vows.

"They've come full circle and are stronger than ever," a presumably different anonymous source said. "They were reminiscing and mentioned how they'd marry each other all over again, so that's what they're going to do!"

The insider then said that the two were stressed out after their Soul2Soul Tour last year. "Once they had the time to actually sit down and reflect, they realized their relationship was a priority," the generous tipster offered. "They'd been neglecting each other, but really worked to fix that."

Faith Hill in a sparkling dress kisses Tim McGraw in a tux and black cowboy hat on stage

The couple in 2017 (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The outlet makes no mention of May's jealousy issues or the possibility of new tours for each of them, and there wasn't a single word about the previously undeniable multi-million dollar divorce. In fact, the tabloid said that the two were now planning an inevitable vow-renewal ceremony after their youngest daughter left home for college.

"Their 23rd anniversary is Oct. 6, so they figure they'll do it on or around that date as long as it aligns with their daughters' schedules," the source said. "They want a simple, spiritual ceremony with a few friends and family — it's going to be an amazing day!"

While we don't doubt that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill probably had a great October 6 last year, we know that it wasn't because of some ceremony. The date has come and gone without any renewal, but it wouldn't be the last time the two would "renew their vows," according to the outlet.

Then their relationship had a few "rough patches"

A third source revealed to the magazine in late October that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill "are happier than they've ever been" and deeply in love. "They're absolutely crazy about each other!" the new tipster said, but "they've had rough patches."

"Parenthood brought them closer together because it taught them to work as a team," the source claimed, "They always say that when the kids were little, it was some of the best years of their lives." In the years after, the tipster argued, Faith Hill started to "hear stories about Tim's wandering eye and flirty behavior — and wasn't happy."

Once Tim McGraw got sober and "became a changed man," however, everything changed. At least, until some point "earlier this year" when the couple encountered a rough spot "after Tim told her that he was thinking about going on the road solo." This supposedly resulted in them "fighting so much" that Faith Hill put her foot down and said they needed to "fix this" issue.

Faith Hill with short hair in a peach colored outfit holding hands with Tim McGraw in a suit

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in 2015 (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

"It hit home for Tim. He vowed to work through their troubles," the source claimed. "Tim and Faith were completely honest with each other about what was upsetting them — there was no holding back," the supposed insider added. "After that, it felt like they'd truly cleared the air and were able to start fresh. They realized that they're supposed to be partners. And that together they can get through whatever is thrown their way."

Since this source is around often enough to point out what the two "always say," surely they must have been present at the October 6 vow renewal ceremony? The outlet doesn't even mention their past claim. Instead, it sticks to dime-store romance novel lines about "fighting through the hurt" and other eye-rollers without ever specifying what exactly the issues were.

It's a magazine, not a soap opera recap, so why is the outlet so desperate to avoid details? What was upsetting them, what were their troubles, what did they not hold back? Surely the source has to know something if they really were close to the couple. That being said, the few specifics it does cover completely contradict with their reports from the previous months. The rest of the details are vague and lazy repeats from their other articles.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill aren't that exciting

First the two were just dead set on prying every penny from one another in a bloody divorce battle. Shortly after, they were reminiscing about how incredible their marriage was before deciding to renew their vows, but then they decided to renew them after recovering from a fight over a solo Tim McGraw tour. Months later, and any casual fan can attest to the fact that there have been no ceremonies or divorce proceedings.

Tim McGraw in a suit and cowboy hat rests his hand on the knee of Faith Hill (in a red dress)

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in 2017 (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS)

OK! almost created a cohesive narrative here — Faith Hill fights with Tim McGraw over loyalty concerns, they recover and renew their vows, and then they're better than ever. Instead, it couldn't even keep itself consistent over the course of a month. They supposedly fought over jealousy and threatened each other's livelihood, then they bickered over a long touring schedule before patching things up flawlessly, and then they battled over a solo tour before settling down in their empty nest and again patching things up flawlessly.

Clearly the tabloid doesn't care much for its readers or the truth. For one, Tim McGraw had an upcoming solo tour that's likely been in planning for months, although with the current state of things, it'll most likely be pushed back. Still, there's been no divorce or renewal on account of it.

More importantly, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw aren't characters in some mediocre romance novel, and they're certainly not declaring to friends how their "hearts are one" or they can "weather any storm with their love." They're a human couple who have probably had an argument or two in their decades together, but there's no reason to listen to OK!'s awful imagining of those arguments. There's no truth or taste to be found in those tales.


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