Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Still NOT Getting Divorced, Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Faith Hill Tim McGraw Star Divorce Covers April 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Faith Hill Tim McGraw Star Divorce Covers April 2016


Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are still NOT getting divorced, despite a certain tabloid’s years-long effort to split them up. Gossip Cop can once again debunk the story.

At least once a year, sometimes more, Star does a cover story claiming McGraw and Hill are on the verge of divorcing (see photos below). The latest version came out on Wednesday, blaring “Divorce Papers!” The cover says there’s a “$135 million fortune at stake,” a figure the magazine has trotted out again and again to be sensational.

Inside the issue, with the headline “Tim & Faith: The Long Goodbye,” it’s stated, “After almost 20 years of marriage, friends say Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are living separate lives. Will their trust and control issues finally drive them apart for good?” Of course, this is coming from an outlet that has been saying for years that the couple is splitting “for good.”

And this new edition is just a rehash Hill and McGraw’s supposed marital woes. “The wedge between them seems to have grown so deep, whispers are mounting that the couple may call it quits before their 20-year anniversary in October,” writes the tabloid. A so-called insider is quoted as saying, “Tim and Faith have had their ups and downs, but it’s never been this bad before. No one in their inner circle would be surprised if this was the year they ended things altogether. At this point, it’s just a matter of who would file for divorce first.”

But Star has been singing this same old breakup tune for quite some time. And the only “divorce papers” the gossip rag actually has is from the dissolution of Hill’s first marriage in 1993, more than 20 years ago. Amid this latest instance of blatant manipulation, Hill and McGraw had a loving weekend in Las Vegas for the ACMs, with the songstress even posting personal kissing pics on Instagram.

While the gossip rag deems PDA like that a “show for the cameras,” Gossip Cop actually spoke with an impeccable source close to the couple, who exclusively tells us their lasting love is the real deal. “This is shamefully wrong,” our contact says of the cover story. “They don’t leave each other’s side. They are great and a team and dedicated to each other.”

While our source, who spent time with McGraw and Hill at the awards, acknowledges that any 20-year marriage is bound to have “some rocky days,” the fact is, “in the here and now they are great.” Furthermore, a rep for the couple has gone on record to exclusively tell Gossip Cop that Star is “truly full of lies.” A second spokesperson even echoes, “On behalf of Faith and Tim, this story is completely false.” See the additional cover lies below.



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