Tim Gunn: Donald Trump Is “Slob,” Has “Mental Incompetence” (VIDEO)

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Tim Gunn Donald Trump Slob

By Shari Weiss |

Tim Gunn Donald Trump Slob


Tim Gunn says Donald Trump is not only a “slob” who needs help with his fashion, but he’s also mentally incompetent. Watch the video below.

Gunn was on Friday’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” where he was asked to critique one of Trump’s ensembles. “Let’s talk about someone I think needs fashion advice. His name is Donald Trump,” the host deadpanned. The fashion maven responded by saying Trump is “president of the slobification of the United States.”

And he wasn’t kidding. He deemed the suit Trump was wearing in the picture to be “too big” and “too boxy,” and further pointed out that the jacket’s hem was “easily four inches too long.” “I mean, he’s practically wearing a tunic,” Gunn said. Fallon compared it to a bathrobe, to which the designer said, “Well, it might suit him when he’s hospitalized for mental incompetence.”

But while that comment scored laughs and cheers from the audience, Gunn explained why the president’s style should actually be taken quite seriously. “As a very grateful citizen of this country, this the leader of the free world,, and our clothes send a message about how the world perceives us,” he told Fallon. “What is the message he’s sending? I mean, it’s really appalling.”

Gunn further observed, “To be perfectly blunt, and not to be vulgar, though look at what we’re looking at, where does that tie point?” Cracked Fallon, “Yeah, I see that.” The “Project Runway” judge, of course, has never shied away from critiquing celebrity fashion, and has been known to make harsh comments over the years. But he previously had mostly kind things to say about the styles worn by last family in the White House, the Obamas.

While some might deems Gunn’s comments now about Trump to be inappropriate, they’re actually in line with another recent description of the president. Just days ago, Newsweek unveiled its new cover which depicts Trump as a “lazy boy.” In the illustrated shot, he is pictured wearing one of those oversized suits Gunn decried, with Cheeto dust on it. Check out the “Tonight Show” video and Newsweek cover below.

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