Donald Trump’s Daughter Tiffany Did NOT Dodge Kiss, Despite Reports (VIDEO)

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Tiffany Trump Kiss Donald

By Andrew Shuster |

Tiffany Trump Kiss Donald

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Donald Trump’s daughter, Tiffany Trump, did NOT dodge her father’s attempt to kiss her at Sunday’s presidential debate, despite a number of inaccurate reports. Gossip Cop can clear up the situation.

Shortly following the second presidential debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton, video emerged of what many outlets are wrongly claiming depicts Tiffany pulling away from her dad’s embrace. Naturally, some publications are connecting this supposed incident to the presidential candidate’s recently leaked remarks from a 2005 video, in which he was caught on mic saying he can “just start kissing” women without permission because “when you’re a star they let you do it.”

Despite the attempt by many outlets to make it seem as if Tiffany’s supposed rejection was in direct response to her dad’s controversial comments, this isn’t the case at all. Upon closer inspection of the video from Sunday night’s debate, Trump doesn’t appear to be going in for a kiss at all. Instead, the candidate looks to be shaking hands with someone who’s off-camera at the same time his daughter approaches. It was an awkward interaction, but Tiffany wasn’t avoiding a kiss.

Additionally, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Tiffany, who exclusively tells us she absolutely wasn’t trying to maneuver away from a kiss. Of course, many outlets still sensationalized this alleged kiss refusal to stir nonexistent controversy, including HollywoodLife, Us Weekly and the Daily Mail, but it’s simply not the case. Watch the video below and pay close attention to Trump’s right hand, which is reaching out to shake another person’s hand to the right of the frame. The presidential nominee simply wasn’t trying to kiss his daughter, meaning there was nothing for Tiffany to dodge.


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