T.I. Backtracks On Cutting Ties With Iggy Azalea: She’s “Still My Partner”

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TI Iggy Azalea Working Together

By Andrew Shuster |

TI Iggy Azalea Working Together


T.I. has clarified comments he made during a recent radio interview in which he alluded to no longer having a professional relationship with Iggy Azalea. The rapper now says the two are, in fact, still working together.

As Gossip Cop reported, T.I told the hosts of “Ebro in the Morning” on Thursday that he had cut professional ties with Azalea, the Australian rapper whom he helped mentor and who is signed to his Grand Hustle label. The supposed rift, he said, was as a result of Azalea’s Twitter feuds with Azealia Banks and Q-Tip, whom she had argued with about the appropriation of black culture.

Azalea was as surprised as anyone by T.I.’s revelation, and shortly after the interview, she tweeted, “Heres the deal, I am still signed to @tip and do business with him. The first ive heard of us having an ‘issue’ is via a radio interview.” She added, “Im sure tip will publicly clarify what he meant when he feels he has the right platform to do so and other than that, im chillin.”

In an interview with The Associated Press on Friday, T.I. wanted to “publicly clarify what he meant.” The rapper told the news wire his words were taken out of context, and Azalea is “still my partner.” He further said he considers her a “little sister,” and the two are “focused on making the next Iggy record and dodge the same adversities we faced last time.” Tell Gossip Cop what you think about T.I. backtracking on cutting professional ties with Iggy Azalea.


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