Story About The Weeknd Loving Selena Gomez’s “Natural Beauty” Is Made-Up

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The Weeknd Loving Selena Gomez Natural Beauty

By Gossip Cop Staff |

The Weeknd Loving Selena Gomez Natural Beauty

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A new report alleges The Weeknd loves Selena Gomez’s “natural beauty,” and while that’s probably true, the details of the story are entirely made-up. Gossip Cop can bust the claim, which was posted by the serial fibbers at HollywoodLife.

The website, which has repeatedly been caught fabricating stories about the couple, has now posted a story titled, “The Weeknd Loves Selena Gomez’s ‘Natural Beauty’ — She’s The Perfect Woman.” The article itself then quotes a supposed “source” saying The Weeknd “absolutely loves” Gomez’s new music video for the song “Fetish.” “He’s blown away by how raw and edgy it is, how Selena really went out on a limb, and how she really pushed the boundaries,” adds the so-called “source.”

The outlet’s seemingly concocted insider further notes that The Weeknd “thinks Selena looks at her most seductive and sensual when she’s bare-faced and authentic, no make-up, no hair styling, just her natural self.” The blog also contends The Weeknd loves his girlfriend the most “first thing in the morning when she wakes up and she’s still sleepy and her hair is all tousled.” And while there’s nothing negative or innately wrong about the webloid’s claims, Gossip Cop is assured no one in either Gomez or The Weeknd’s camp is speaking to the often disproven site.

HollywoodLies, as it is known, often just makes up articles about celebrities, with a positive premise so that they’re not called out by the stars themselves. Previously, the site manufactured a number of false and uncomplimentary tales about the “Fetish” singer and Gomez responded by calling HollywoodLife “the worst” in a big interview. For the most part with these types of stories, the outlet is just guessing and hoping for the best.

Sometimes, however, HollywoodLies’ phony speculation blows up in its face. Gossip Cop recently exposed the untrustworthy site for creating a slew of made-up articles about how Gomez was going to spend her birthday with The Weeknd in Paris. And as we accurately reported, that never happened. Simply, just because the webloid’s stories are not mean-spirited or 100 percent wrong, it doesn’t mean they’re also not lies or fake news, because they are.