The Weeknd's recent joke about having a long-distance relationship with his fans was not a reference to Selena Gomez in any way, despite a purely speculative, baseless and frankly silly claim. A certain webloid is still trying to connect the exes to each other by making irrational leaps. Gossip Cop can explain what's going on.

The Daily Mail reported that during The Weeknd's concert in Australia on Saturday, he told the crowd, "I know this is like a long-distance relationship here. But I feel like I'll come to Sydney every year, at least once." The meaning of the statement couldn't be clearer: The performer was telling fans that, since they love him and he loves them but he can't visit as often as he'd like, it feels like being in a long-distance relationship.

What does that have to do with Gomez? Absolutely nothing. But, inspired by the British tabloid, HollywoodLife is making a rather large reach by suggesting The Weeknd was "reminiscing" about their relationship and "regretting" their split. The site writes, " Obviously, the 'Starboy' singer was referring to the fact that he's not able to make it to Australia to tour as often as he'd like, but we can't help but point out that The Weeknd actually did just end a long distance relationship." But one has nothing to do with the other and it makes little sense to think they're related.

For instance, had Ed Sheeran made the same exact comment while performing Down Under, would that have meant he was also "regretting" and "reminiscing" about a specific relationship from his past? No. The Weeknd merely compared his dynamic with fans in another country to that of a long-distance relationship. There is nothing to infer in the comment that he was reflecting on his time with Gomez. And if he actually was "regretting" their split and wanted to "reminisce," then why would The Weeknd have deleted photos of Gomez from his Instagram?

There's a lack of logic here, just like when, almost exactly a month ago, HollywoodLife illogically claimed The Weeknd was "dissing" Gomez when he tweeted about "Stranger Things." The message, which was about how hard it is to avoid spoilers for the hit Netflix show, quite obviously had nothing to do with his former girlfriend. But the outlet clearly has a habit of taking non-stories and twisting them into clickbait.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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