A new report speculating whether The Weeknd was "jealous" after Selena Gomez was spotted "making out" with her "hunky" co-star, Timothee Chalamet, on the New York set of Woody Allen's untitled movie is nothing more than a fabrication. Gossip Cop can correct this bogus claim. We're told it's all made-up.

As previously reported, Gomez was recently photographed on Monday kissing Chalamet on the film's set. Of course, HollywoodLife wasted no time in spinning a fictitious tale around that. It tried duping its readers into thinking The Weeknd was "jealous" because Chalamet kissed his girlfriend. A so-called "source" connected to The Weeknd is supposedly quoted in the article as saying, "They have both been through relationships in the past where trust was an issue," but "Selena is an actress and this is part of the job."

The often discredited outlet then has its seemingly manufactured "insider" purporting, "Of course it can be a little awkward, but Abel [The Weeknd] isn't sweating it at all. He knows this is an absolutely amazing opportunity for Selena to work in a Woody Allen film so he's just really proud and happy for her." The blog's alleged "source" further contends, "Selena and Abel have an unbreakable trust. They are all about each other and neither one would ever betray the other."

So basically, HollywoodLies, as it's known, decided to run a headline that reads, "Is The Weeknd Jealous After Selena Gomez Is Spotted Making Out With Hunky Co-Star In NYC?" simply to trick its readers. If The Weeknd is not jealous, as he shouldn't be, and they have an "unbreakable trust," why bring up a phony scenario about him being envious of Gomez's co-star? The answer simply is that the website prefers to traffic in fake news since it rarely has legitimate in-the-know sources.

As Gossip Cop has previously noted, no one remotely close to either star is feeding that repeatedly disproven website with information about the couple. Remember, HollywoodLies published a slew of fabricated articles about how Gomez was spending her birthday in Paris with The Weeknd. But it was all one lie heaped upon another lie. Despite the outlet swearing it had "insider" knowledge about Gomez's birthday, she did not spend it with The Weeknd. The story was entirely phony, and the same goes for the blog's latest tall tale.

In the real world, a genuine source close to The Weeknd assures Gossip Cop the report is "not true." The article is 100 percent fake. Additionally, the "Starboy" singer has no reason to be jealous of Gomez kissing her co-star on the set of Allen's new movie, much like she wouldn't be jealous of a woman in one of The Weeknd's music videos.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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