The Weeknd “Heartbroken” Over Selena Gomez Reconnecting With Justin Bieber, Thought She Was “The One”?

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The Weeknd Heartbroken Selena Gomez Justin Bieber

By Shari Weiss |

The Weeknd Heartbroken Selena Gomez Justin Bieber

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Is The Weeknd actually “heartbroken” over Selena Gomez reconnecting with Justin Bieber? A report claims he thought Gomez was “the one.” Gossip Cop can reveal what’s really going on.

As Gossip Cop reported, it was confirmed on Monday that Gomez and The Weeknd split, ending their relationship after less than a year together. As is the case with many couples, especially in show business where stars have to travel, they simply grew apart. In recent days, however, Gomez has been spending time with former on-and-off boyfriend Bieber. So naturally, HollywoodLife is now setting up a “love triangle,” and is claiming to have “EXCLUSIVE details.”

A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Abel is heartbroken that Selena and Justin are spending time together after their split. He trusted her, but can’t help but wonder if he [Justin] had been on her mind while they were together. It just makes their split more painful than it already is.” The site’s supposed snitch adds, “Abel thought she was the one.”

It is not surprising HollywoodLies is presenting this narrative. Just three weeks before the breakup, the webloid made up a story about The Weeknd’s alleged plans for an “epic” marriage proposal. The site claimed he was currently working on “how, when and where to propose.” Gossip Cop exposed the fabrication at the time, and the split proved that we were right. No one close to The Weeknd was actually divulging any real engagement plans to the outlet. In fact, as evidenced by the pair calling it quits due to the growing distance between them, it’s clear they were never serious enough for a proposal to really be in the works.

But to cover up for its false storyline, HollywoodLies is now depicting the “Starboy” performer as “heartbroken” over losing “the one.” But The Weeknd was clearly doing just fine when he was grinding on a girl at a club on Monday night. Simply put, what the blog is telling readers doesn’t match reality. And frankly, it never has. We’ve been correcting bogus stories from the online publication on Gomez and The Weeknd since the very day their relationship went public in January.

And in the ending of this new piece, HollywoodLies makes the goal of its latest tale quite clear. The webloid asks readers, “Are you Team Justin & Selena, or do you think she should get back together with The Weeknd? Let us know how you feel about The Weeknd, Justin and Selena love triangle!” The site manufactured this article just to rile up the three fan bases involved. It’s always transparent when the outlet is trying to capitalize on a hot topic, and here even more so. But Gossip Cop is assured by an insider in The Weeknd’s camp, who wouldn’t comment on the record, that the publication that was wrong about he proposing three weeks before he and Gomez split is not one with true insight on him now.

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