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The Weeknd has not been inspired to apologize to Bella Hadid for their 2016 breakup after his girlfriend Selena Gomez recently reconnected as friends with Justin Bieber, despite a fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this made-up story. The claim was seemingly manufactured in an effort to capitalize on the news of Bieber and Gomez's reunion.

HollywoodLife, a website that tends to take real events and weave them with fake scenarios, now alleges "The Weeknd wants to make amends" with Hadid after having seen Gomez "reuniting with her ex Justin Bieber." The outlet maintains it has a "source close to" The Weeknd who allegedly says, "Now that Selena and Justin are talking again, [he] feels inspired to reconnect with Bella and reestablish a friendship with her." The same so-called "source" adds that The Weeknd "feels like he owes Bella an apology" and "hopes they can talk it all out" because the model will "always hold a dear place in his heart."

The website goes on to write, "Although there was no reason given for their split, there is some speculation that their demanding schedules were to blame." And after noting, as widely reported, that Bieber was "spotted spending time over [at] Selena's house" on Sunday, HollywoodLies, as it's often called, states that while The Weeknd wasn't able to join them, "there have been reports that he is totally cool with the former lovebirds hanging out." Wait a minute! If the outlet truly based its latest article on information from a "source close to" The Weeknd, wouldn't that person know the reason for his and Hadid's split and not have to cite "speculation"? And why would the blog have to say "there have been reports" The Weeknd is "totally cool" with Gomez and Bieber reuniting" if HollywoodLife actually had a "source close to" him?

The reason is simple: The habitually disproven site made up this fabricated story about The Weeknd being "inspired" by Gomez and Bieber to reconnect with Hadid. In fact, it strongly appears HollywoodLies doesn't really have a "source close to" The Weeknd at all. In the real world, for example, the model's mother, Yolanda, said on the October 10 episode of "Watch What Happens Live" that her daughter doesn't care anymore about The Weeknd dating Gomez. And even Hadid herself told Teen Vogue earlier in the year that her breakup was "hard for a while," but she hasn't entirely blotted The Weeknd out because "you never want to burn a bridge that you've fought so hard to build."

Of course, Gossip Cop has been pointing out for nearly a year how the site has been fabricating stories about the Canadian singer, including a bogus report last month about The Weeknd being jealous of Gomez kissing her co-star in the upcoming Woody Allen film. So basically, HollywoodLies maintains The Weeknd was "totally cool" with Gomez reuniting with Bieber while he was out of town, but became extremely "jealous" of his girlfriend kissing another actor in a scripted movie scene? None of it makes sense.

Still, Gossip Cop fact-checks every story. In this instance, we reached out to a number of individuals close to The Weeknd, and not one could verify the outlet's claims about him being "inspired" to apologize to Hadid after Bieber and Gomez reconnected. For the most part, we were told the site's article was simply made-up. Perhaps one day HollywoodLies will get "inspired" to stop publishing fabricated articles.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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