“The Voice” Top 12 Results For Season 11 Revealed With Live Playoffs

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The Voice Top 12 Results Season 11

By Shari Weiss |

The Voice Top 12 Results Season 11


“The Voice” Top 12 for season 11 was revealed on Monday’s unprecedented combined performance and results show. Check out the full list of contestants for each team below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, the Live Playoffs usually take place over three episodes. Half of the contestants perform on a Monday, the remaining half sing on Tuesday, and then the results of America’s first votes of the season are unveiled on Wednesday. Not so this cycle.

Due to Tuesday’s presidential election, all the artists in the Top 20 had to perform on Monday’s two-hour broadcast with instantaneous voting and results. The show was broken into sections, with the five contestants of a team performing, followed by the next team and so on. Viewers could only vote for the members of a given team through the “Voice” app and via Twitter during a specified window of time.

And based on those votes, two artists from each team would automatically make the Top 12, as announced by host Carson Daly after the voting period. It would be up to the coach to then choose the third and final artist to move on. The other two, unfortunately, would be instantly eliminated. So, how did it all shake out?

Alicia Keys’ team performed first, with Christian Cuevas and We McDonald winning America’s vote. Keys then chose to save Sa’Rayah. Josh Halverson and Kylie Rothfield were given the boot.

Blake Shelton’s team was next, and Sundance Head and Austin Allsup received the most votes. The country superstar added Courtney Harrell to the mix. Dana Harper and Jason Warrior were sent home.

Miley Cyrus’ team followed, where Aaron Gibson and Ali Caldwell were safe. She chose Darby Walker to move on, too. Belle Jewel and Sophia Urista were cut.

And last was Adam Levine’s team. Billy Gilman and Josh Gallagher made it through thanks to viewers. At the last second, Brendan Fletcher was named the coach’s pick. That meant Riley Elmore and Simone Gundy were eliminated.

Next week, the show will return to its usual live format with this new Top 12 performing on Monday, and a results show on Tuesday. Gossip Cop will continue to have full coverage.


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