“The Voice” Team NOT “Surprised” Adam Levine, Behati Prinsloo Pregnant Again Before Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani

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The Voice Surprised Adam Levine Pregnant

By Shari Weiss |

The Voice Surprised Adam Levine Pregnant


Adam Levine’s co-workers at “The Voice” are not “surprised” he and wife Behati Prinsloo are having a baby and not Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, contrary to a made-up report. A certain webloid has taken the news that Levine is expecting his second child and turned it into a false narrative about another couple. Gossip Cop can confirm the story is both illegitimate and inaccurate.

But HollywoodLife is exclaiming, “Adam & Behati’s Pregnancy Surprised ‘Voice’ Team: Everyone Thought Blake & Gwen Would Be Next.” The site writes about Levine and Prinsloo, “The funny thing is, some people close to the couple thought they wouldn’t be having that second bundle of joy any time soon. Well, mainly Adam’s ‘The Voice’ co-stars that is.” The outlet specifically contends, “The coaches were definitely not expecting the big news! In fact, some thought two other ‘Voice’ stars might be welcoming their first child before Adam had another one!”

“‘The Voice’ crew were all surprised with the pregnancy announcement, but are very happy for Adam becoming a father again,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying, further claiming to the online publication, “But everyone thought the next baby in ‘The Voice’ family would be coming from Blake and Gwen.” But this premise is wrong on two fronts. Those close to Levine on “The Voice” were not “surprised with the pregnancy announcement” as they already knew Prinsloo was expecting. The show has been in production for its new season since the summer, and the model isn’t exactly a stranger on set. The couple may have only just told fans on Wednesday, but this wasn’t new information for those close to them. HollywoodLies doesn’t even say which “coaches were definitely not expecting the big news.”

Furthermore, what exactly would be surprising about a married couple having their second child? The notion that Stefani and Shelton, who have not even indicated that they want to have kids together, were the more likely pair to have a baby before Levine and Behati grew their family is laughable. Also laughable is the webloid’s supposed snitch going on to ridiculously assert, “Everyone is expecting Blake and Adam to joke about that during the show when the show finally ends up going live later in the year. Everyone expects they will joke about how many ‘Voice’ winners they each have and how many babies they have.”

While the longtime friends do banter a lot, why would they joke about Levine having more kids than Shelton, who has none? The contention is absurd. Of course, given that almost every other week the blog runs speculative stories about Shelton and Stefani getting married and having a baby, Gossip Cop can maybe see why the site itself is “surprised” by there being baby news for Levine and not the couple. But its pieces about Shelton and Stefani are typically made up, and Levine having a second child really has nothing to do with his friends. It seems the publication just wanted to try and capitalize on Prinsloo’s pregnancy by tying it to Shelton and Stefani. But Gossip Cop is told that this angle is not only wrong, but did not come from legitimate source.

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