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The Voice is one of the most popular shows in America, and it's easy to see why considering the charisma, humor and insight provided by the four judges — currently Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani (replacing longtime coach Adam Levine), John Legend and Kelly Clarkson. With that popularity, however, comes waves of misinformation and gossip about the show and its stars, specially fake feuds. Here are a few of those wild rumors Gossip Cop has busted during the last few seasons of the show.

In August 2018, Life & Style published a bogus story about Shelton asking Stefani to leave The Voice. The magazine alleged that, although the two "fell in love" on set, Stefani wouldn't return "for the good of their relationship." An unnamed tipster told the magazine, "Gwen and Blake don't fight much at home, but when they were on The Voice they disagreed and butted heads a lot."

This ultimately resulted in Shelton telling Stefani "he wasn't sure it was a good idea" for her to remain on the show, the alleged insider said. The two supposedly agreed, causing Stefani to turn down offers from NBC and start her Las Vegas residency instead.

Unfortunately for the tabloid, it became brutally clear just how wrong the article was after just a small bit of research. Shelton was ecstatic in 2016 when it was announced that Stefani would return to the show for 2017, and he expressed disappointment when Stefani left the show again that same year. Time has further proven just how poor the magazine's reporting was since Stefani has joined the show once again for its current season.

In October 2018, RadarOnline claimed that all four coaches at the time — Shelton, Levine, Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson — were furious with the hiring of Mariah Carey as a mentor for the contestants. The gossip site said an anonymous "source" spilled the details of the dispute, claiming that the coaches were upset since "no one wants her to join."

The four supposedly felt like they had enough big names on the show and didn't need an additional one, especially since Carey allegedly wanted "more full time as a coach," the source said. The insider added that NBC overruled the dissenting voices and added Carey anyway.

Every aspect of the phony story was absurdly wrong. Carey had already filmed her episodes before the tabloid's publication, and she had already announced a world tour that, even if she wanted to do so, would prohibit her from being a coach. Plus, John Legend had already been announced as the next coach to join the show. One of our sources at NBC told us that the Carey was adored by everyone on The Voice, and the coaches gushed about Carey in interviews and videos after her appearance.

This past June, the Globe falsely claimed Shelton had "secretly schemed" to replace Levine with Stefani just after the Maroon 5 singer announced his sudden departure from the show. "Blake and Adam didn't see eye to eye on a lot of things," a suspicious insider said, "particularly Gwen."

According to the magazine, Levine found Stefani's presence "unprofessional" considering her relationship with Shelton. This was supposedly the last straw for Levine, who was "bickering constantly" with Shelton "over lighting, camera angles, who has the best album, you name it."

The claims were clearly false. Shelton only learned of Levine's decision to leave the show a day before the news went public, and tweeted out a somewhat sad message about missing Levine. The two shared a long-running playful rivalry on the show, which is most likely what inspired the tabloid's fake rumor. In reality, the two are genuine friends both on and off the set. Levine simply realized it was time to move on from the show, but apparently that wasn't dramatic enough a storyline for the gossip media.

Most recently, Life & Style published a phony story about Stefani being furious about Taylor Swift joining the show as a mentor. Much like the Carey story, the article hinged entirely on the idea that celebrities cannot stand competition, which is a bit odd for a story about a competitive singing show. The tabloid alleged that Stefani was upset since her reappearance on the show was supposed to be her "big comeback," and she worried about Swift "stealing her thunder."

Once again, the entire article was based on a faulty premise. Stefani and Swift have been friendly ever since Swift's first appearance as a mentor on the show during its seventh season. Stefani also publicly welcomed and complimented Swift on her singing and songwriting skills in interviews. Gossip Cop also checked with some of our sources with the show, who told us that the two get along well. The tabloids have about as much real insight into the ongoings of the show as any average viewer, if not less.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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