“The View” Slams Transgender Military Ban Amid Continued Fallout

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The View Transgender Military Ban

By Shari Weiss |

The View Transgender Military Ban

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“The View” slammed the ban against transgender people in the military for the second day in a row on Thursday. Check out the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, on Wednesday Donald Trump unexpectedly announced that transgender people cannot serve in the military “in any capacity.” He was quickly vilified for the discriminatory decision, and the controversy is not subsiding. Now on the ABC talk show, the panelists discussed the continuing fallout, with Whoopi Goldberg bringing up Trump’s excuse that the cost of medical care for transgender soldiers is a “burden.”

“But is that true?” she asked. “I guess my question was, how often is it happening that they are up in arms over the cost? Is there hundreds of people?” Goldberg then told Sara Haines, “You made a brilliant point, which I want you to make again.” She brought up the various incentives the military offers its members, noting, “We have all these things to try to get people to serve, and now you have people saying ‘I want to come in’ and it involves good health care, why is that different?”

Sunny Hostin noted that the military currently spends “10 times the cost of annual transition-related medical care” on Viagra, which prompted Joy Behar to crack, “I don’t mind that. These boys have to be happy.” More seriously, though, Goldberg asked, “So here’s my question, if you’re worried about people that are having issues, erectile dysfunction is as much as an issue for people as their gender, so what is this really about?”

“It’s really about Trump trying to satisfy the far right of his party, the evangelicals and Mike Pence’s people, and to distract from what’s going on with Sessions,” Behar responded. “All roads lead to Russia. Follow the money. Keep the eye on the prize.” She also questioned why Trump didn’t simply eliminate the medical benefits while keeping transgender members in the military. “What he says is no more, you can’t ever serve,” Behar said.

Remarked Jedediah Bila, “That’s what’s interesting. What he decided for himself wasn’t what was up for debate.” She brought up a Department of Defense bill that had sparked debate on whether to continue funding gender reassignment surgeries for transgender military members. It was never their intention to cut such people from the military altogether. Bila angrily said, “Trump comes out, ignores what is happening, and unilaterally [makes a decision].”

Goldberg went on to ask, “So when you implement this, are you discharging these soldiers honorably?” When Behar said, “I’m sure they will,” the moderator replied, “I’m not sure they will. Apparently there is something wrong, because they’re saying you can’t be a transgender [soldier].” She added, “Every veteran in the world should be up in arms over this… If these vets allow this insanity to happen, it will break hearts.”

Bila added that when Trump fired off his policy change on Twitter, “He thought ‘my base would support me.’ What he didn’t realize is his base is full of military people.” Shortly after the segment, the news broke that nothing will change at this time for current transgender members. Behar cracked, “Donald Trump must be tired of all this winning.” Watch the video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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