‘The View’ Debates: Taylor Swift Slammed For Not Attending Women’s March (VIDEO)

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The View Taylor Swift Womens March

By Andrew Shuster |

The View Taylor Swift Womens March


Taylor Swift has been slammed on social media for not attending any of the numerous Women’s Marches that took place around the country on Saturday. On Tuesday’s “The View,” the co-hosts debated whether or not the singer deserves the criticism. Watch the video below!

During the Hot Topics segment on the daytime talk show, Whoopi Goldberg noted that Swift is getting “trashed as a spineless feminist for being a no-show” at the Women’s March. Co-host Sara Haines argued, “This is total crap to me. She’s someone who constantly lifts her squad up, other women. She spoke out about a girl being bullied online and tweeted directly at this girl… I’m tired of people projecting how they’re defining it or what they expect on someone else.”

Joy Behar understood why Swift would be hesitant to get involved in the march, saying, “She knows very well that once you take a political position, you will lose half your audience, as we do everyday.” The co-host added, “She knows that and she’s in the record selling business. When she says, ‘Don’t bully,’ that’s very innocuous.”

Despite her absence, Swift did tweet in honor of the Women’s March. “So much love, pride, and respect for those who marched. I’m proud to be a woman today, and every day,” wrote the singer. But the tweet didn’t sit well with Sunny Hostin, who said, “I have a problem with Taylor Swift sort of dipping in her toe to become somewhat political, but then getting right back out of the water.” She added, ” When you get that much power and recognition and fame, that is a platform and use it for good.”

But Jedediah Bila made the counterpoint, “We don’t know what she was doing behind-the-scenes that day… You don’t know, maybe she was sick. Or maybe that’s not her way of defending feminism.” Goldberg also defended Swift, insisting, “You have no right to criticize her for not doing what you would be doing. She can dip her toe in. One of the things that I like about Taylor Swift is she doesn’t shy away.” The co-host continued, “We don’t know where she was, we don’t know what she was doing. She at least acknowledged it. There were lots of famous chicks that said nothing… I don’t think anybody has the right to demand that you do something. She was doing girl power before there was a march.” NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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