“The View” Reacts To Supreme Court Reinstating Travel Ban (VIDEO)

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The View Travel Ban Reinstated

By Shari Weiss |

The View Travel Ban Reinstated


On Monday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to the Supreme Court reinstating the travel ban. Watch the video below.

Shortly before the ABC talk show kicked off, it was announced the Supreme Court will hear arguments regarding Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban, which bars immigration from six Muslim-majority countries. Until the hearing is held in the fall, the injunction suspending the order has been largely lifted. For the foreseeable future, people from those nations can only enter the United States if they have a bonafide connection to America and someone who is an American. All refugees without such a connection are not allowed to enter.

Joy Behar said, “That’s the point I would like to talk about.” She pointed out that the Boston marathon bombers, for instance, had connections to the United States, so that guideline would not have prevented their terrorist act. “I don’t know that that’s going to work either,” she said. Jedediah Bila said the ruling was “no surprise for me,” and predicted the Supreme Court is “going to uphold the president’s right in an issue of national security” to control who can come into the country.

Sunny Hostin insited we already have “most robust vetting process in the world here in the United States,” stressing, “It’s the truth.” Bila shot back, “That’s not true.” But while she was willing to give a prediction on how the court will ultimately rule, Hostin said, “I would not presume to say or know what the Supreme Court is going to do.”

Still, she conceded, “This is a partial victory for the administration and it’s also a narrow victory.” What she did predict is “a lot of litigation about what a bonafide connection means,” and the attorney suggested everyone “take a breath and let the lawyers handle it.” Sara Haines wondered if “Trump will consider it a victory,” since he previously complained that this version of the ban was “watered down.”

Behar speculated that the “dividend on [new justice] Gorsuch is already paying,” but Bila pointed out there was “not one dissent” in today’s decision anyway. Commented Whoopi Goldberg, “The sad thing to me, about all of this, is this is what they did to the Irish. This is what they did to the Italians. This is what they did to the Spanish. This is what they did to the Chinese, all out of fear.”

“I just hope when we go out today, Lady Liberty has not walked off,” she said, adding, “All I can is we’ll keep an eye on this because this is not the end. It’s annoying, but this is not the end.” Check out the video below.

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