“The View” Slams Steve King For Racist Comments – WATCH VIDEO

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The View Steve King Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View Steve King Video


“The View” co-hosts on Wednesday slammed Steve King for saying America should be more “homogeneous.” Check out the video below.

King made his racist comments, in which he decried immigrants and minorities, on both Twitter and in a TV interview. On the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg was so angry, she mistakenly called King “Pete” instead of “Steve” when she started to speak. Collecting her thoughts, she asked, “Are you saying there’s too many people of color? Because this is the problem I have. I know you are the child of immigrants. Your mom has a very long lineage here in the United States. But what if you mom decided she didn’t like your Irish father?”

Sara Haines thought King contradicted himself in his remarks, but the comments were racist regardless. “The thing that should’ve been a big red flag him,” she said, “[is] you might be a racist when David Duke tweets you, ‘God bless Steve King.'” The panelists agreed, and Sunny Hostin questioned how King, who is a congressional representative on the Judiciary Committee, has been re-elected by Iowans.

Haines, who is from Iowa, insisted, “A lot of people are saying, ‘We do not support this’… It was an embarrassment.” Goldberg reminded that “unless you’re a Native American, hun, you’re not native to the land,” and brought up the Dutch politician in the Netherlands who sparked King’s remarks. “My point is this: I got some money saved up. I’ll get your ticket. If you really like what this man is suggesting, go on and over there… This doesn’t fly in America, babe,” Goldberg said.

She went on to point out that minorities are starting to out-number whites in the U.S. Joy Behar then asked point-blank, “Don’t you think that’s what driving these people crazy? They’re in a white panic.” She even declared, “He’s a white supremacist. He’s no better than David Duke. And he’s in office.” And Jedediah Bila said, “This guy is making it about what people look like. When you make it what people look like, you sound racist.”

She also criticized Paul Ryan for not personally condemning King’s comments. “On a topic like this, it’s not enough to just send somebody out. You need to step up and say this is not representative of our country,” she insisted. Goldberg concluded the segment by announcing, “Mr. King, my offer stands. Y’all are always trying to get rid of me. You first.” Watch below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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