“The View” Argues Over Steve Harvey Staff Letter: “Justified Or Jerky?” (VIDEO)

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The View Steve Harvey MemoThe View Steve Harvey Memo

By Shari Weiss |

The View Steve Harvey MemoThe View Steve Harvey Memo


“The View” co-hosts argued over Steve Harvey’s controversial letter to his staff on Friday’s show. Watch the video below.

Late Wednesday, a memo from Harvey leaked online. In the letter, he demanded all working for him “do not” disturb him or try to talk to him in any way. The talk show host confirmed on Thursday that the memo was legitimate, and explained he intends to enforce his new rules for privacy purposes. There’s been a bit of a backlash, though, with many on social media accusing the comedian of being cruel.

On the ABC talk show, Joy Behar brought up the subject, saying, “He’s the boss and he’s the executive producer of his show, so I don’t know how much trouble he’s going to be in.” That said, she argued the tone of his memo and the guidelines “went against his brand, because he has an open, friendly brand. He even has a thing called ‘Ask Steve.'” Still, she asked, “Doesn’t he deserve privacy?” Behar even revealed that at “The View,” staffers and co-workers “come in and catch me in her brassiere constantly.”

Sara Haines expressed some sympathy, explaining, “When you’re trying to prepare for the show, there’s still work to do… You need to put your thoughts together. He speaks for a living.” But, she acknowledged, “Maybe his tone wasn’t correct.” “Guy Day Friday” co-host Hasan Minhaj expressed, “I just wish there was one nice part about the letter… If you just buffered it with something nice.”

Jedediah Bila, however, didn’t think such a thing was necessary. “He sent out the real, honest version. I commend him for that,” she said. Behar shot back, “I don’t agree with that.” Paula Faris also remarked, “This is a lesson to all of us to draw boundaries.” But Behar again questioned if this was the right way to do that.

“If I was his manager, I would’ve said, ‘This goes against your brand [and] it’s going to get out.” As the panelists went back and forth, the on-screen banner asked, “Harvey Memo: Justified Or Jerky?” Check out the video below.

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