“The View” Debates: Steve Bannon, Press Freedom And Media Bias

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The View Steve Bannon Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View Steve Bannon Video


“The View” on Friday reacted to Steve Bannon’s comments about the media and debated media bias. Check out the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Omarosa had a fight on “The View” with Joy Behar about President Trump. But prior to her appearance on the show, one of the “hot topics” was about Bannon saying the press should “keep its mouth shut,” and that the media is the “opposition party.” The subject led to a fiery discussion about press freedoms and media bias.

After introducing the topic, Joy Behar declared, “Let me just say this: If our president ever gets around to reading the Constitution, he’ll see that freedom of speech is the very first amendment. It’s the first one. It’s not number two or three or five. It’s not nineteen. It’s numero uno, okay?” She went on, “If you squelch the media and people’s freedom to speak, you have a dictatorship.”

Sara Haines pointed out, “It’s also a form of checks and balances. The media has always played the role of informing the public, because a democracy is based on the voice of each individual. The way they hear about the topics, what’s being legislated, is through the news media. So, at the moment you want to squelch that or shut them up, you’re talking [about] you want to tell them what they should hear. That’s propaganda, that’s not media.”

Sunny Hostin, noting Trump’s poor record with truthfulness, said, “When the facts aren’t on your side, you attack the fact giver… That is what I think the Trump administration is doing.” Guest co-host Gretchen Carlson, however, brought up a 2009 incident with Obama communications director Anita Dunn, who said parts of the media would be the “opposition.”

Behar countered, “There’s always opposition to the media from the White House. I’ve lived long enough to see that. I’ve never heard anybody say ‘shut up.’ Never.” But that’s where Jedediah Bila jumped in, and things got tense. Taking Bannon’s side, she argued, “He’s responding to frustration.”

“There’s a whole segment of the country that has been watching eight years of an Obama presidency, where a lot of those things that President Obama and his administration did were not challenged by the media,” said Bila. A shouting match ensued with Hostin and Behar, prompting Haines to interject, “We’re getting off point.”

Things quieted down enough for Carlson to make some additional points about journalism, but then it all ratcheted back up again. After the panelists yelled over each other again, Behar said, “Jedediah, you have to be careful Steve Bannon doesn’t tell you to shut up.” She fired back, “He can tell me to shut up. I’m going to keep talking then!”

“But that’s not the point,” Bila added. “The point is I understand the anger of the people, the people who are saying the media has been a right arm of the Democratic party, and we don’t like it. I understand his frustrations.” But it was Behar who got the last word, saying the real “opposition” to the White House is… “the truth.” Watch it all go down below.

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