“The View” Debates: “SNL” Kellyanne Conway “Fatal Attraction” Sketch (VIDEO)

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The View Kellyanne Conway SNL

By Shari Weiss |

The View Kellyanne Conway SNL


“The View” co-hosts on Monday debated a controversial “SNL” sketch spoofing Kellyanne Conway with a Fatal Attraction parody. Check out the video below.

On this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live,” Kate McKinnon portrayed Conway as a crazily obsessed stalker determined to get on Jake Tapper’s CNN show by any means necessary. Introducing the “hot topic,” Goldberg exclaimed, “God bless ‘SNL.’ They have devoted a lot of time to having fun with the new administration.” But after showing a clip of the sketch, she noted, “Some critics say that this crossed the line.”

Sunny Hostin didn’t agree with the criticism. She commented, “It’s satire, though. It’s supposed to be pushing the bounds.” She even revealed Fatal Attraction is her “favorite movie,” and argued, “I thought it was really, really well-done.”

Jedediah Bila also saw an upside to the bit. “If ‘SNL’ is picking on you, you’ve arrived,” she said, adding, “If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’ve got problems.” Goldberg also called it a “great thing,” pointing out that no president or staffer is “immune.”

“The more you fight it, the more fun it’s going to be to do it you,” she said. And Sara Haines also noted, “‘SNL’ got its highest ratings in six years on Saturday. I know President Trump likes to talk about that.” Watch below.


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