“The View” Sexual Assault PSA Is Donald Trump “Access Hollywood” Video

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The View Sexual Assault PSA

By Shari Weiss |

The View Sexual Assault PSA


“The View” aired Donald Trump’s infamous “Access Hollywood” tape on Monday as a PSA about sexual assault. Check out the video below.

On Friday, the president declared April to be National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. Those keeping track of the sexual assault and harassment allegations against Trump were gobsmacked by the announcement. Now the ABC talk show also pointed out the irony.

Goldberg could barely contain her uncomfortable laughter as she shared Trump’s pronouncement, and then introduced a PSA. That PSA turned out to be the footage of Trump telling Billy Bush about how he forcibly gropes women. “Just grab them by the p*ssy,” he said in the years-old video, which was unearthed last October.

After showing the clips, Goldberg stated, “That was our PSA. Don’t do that.” Joy Behar was enraged that “nobody seems to care” about the mogul’s alleged behavior. Jedediah Bila noted, “People always bring up Bill Clinton, who I think is a disgrace, what he did in the Oval Office. But he did face consequences.”

Sunny Hostin marveled unhappily, “Trump was elected after that came out. That is what’s remarkable. The American public knew Trump said those things and elected him anyway.” And Bila further pointed out, “There were a lot of people on the right who held Bill Clinton accountable… But now those very people are embracing Donald Trump.” Watch below.

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