“The View” Slams Sean Spicer For Telling April Ryan “Stop Shaking Your Head” Over Russia – WATCH VIDEO

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The View Sean Spicer April Ryan

By Shari Weiss |

The View Sean Spicer April Ryan


On Wednesday’s “The View,” the co-hosts slammed Sean Spicer for telling April Ryan to stop shaking her head during a press conference. Watch below.

During a media briefing on Tuesday, Spicer treated Ryan, a veteran journalist, harshly after she asked about the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. As he defiantly insisted it’s a non-story, Ryan shook her head in disagreement while in the press gallery. Spicer then reprimanded her, demanding, “Stop shaking your head.”

Watching the footage on the ABC talk show, Sunny Hostin sarcastically asked about Spicer’s mistreatment, “Is she five?” Joy Behar wondered, “Why does he act like he’s on trial?” Whoopi Goldberg responded, “Because he is. He has to make sense of this ridiculousness and make it look like he cares.”

She went on to refer to Spicer cracking that if Trump had Russian dressing, the media would tie it to Russia the country. “But here’s my question: Russian salad dressing?!” Goldberg exclaimed. “This is my point about being funny, because all of these journalists are talking about real stuff. These are real connections to Russia. Stop brushing it off. Answer the freakin’ question, Sean!”

That led Behar to ask, “Why don’t the other journalists get up and say, ‘Stop it! Stop lying!’?” Hostin said that is “not our job,” and went on to question, “Would he have said that to a man? I think not. I saw misogyny. I saw sexism.” Goldberg, however, thought Spicer is an “equal opportunity” offender and “just dismissive of the media.”

Jedediah Bila also said of Spicer, “His job is to defend Donald Trump right now, and that’s a terrible position to be in.” She went on to argue, “As a journalist, my advice would be to not have thin skin and toughen up… You have a right to fight back. Be pushy back.”

Goldberg pointed out, however, that Trump himself “doesn’t appear to have any skin,” and even said the president should “grow a pair.” Check out the video below.

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