“The View” Debates: Revised Travel Order Blocked – WATCH VIDEO

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The View Revised Travel Order Blocked

By Shari Weiss |

The View Revised Travel Order Blocked


“The View” co-hosts on Thursday debated a federal judge blocking Donald Trump’s revised travel order. Check out the video below.

On Wednesday, a federal judge in Hawaii blocked Trump’s second executive order on immigration, preventing it from taking effect. At a rally shortly after, the president vowed to “fight” the decision. Now on the ABC talk show, an argument erupted over both decisions.

In response to Trump saying he wants to take the issue to the Supreme Court, Whoopi Goldberg said, “Supreme Court’s going to tell you the same thing. He may be able to get some sort of thing through, but he’s got to do it under the law. And that’s what people keep saying. You can’t do it this way… You can’t just get rid of people because you don’t like their religion, you don’t like their skin color. We took care of this, D.”

“All of the federal judges from different courts, from different districts, they’re all wrong?” Sunny Hostin asked incredulously. She went on to say, “The reason it’s a Muslim ban is because you SAID it was a Muslim ban… When they told everyone that was the intent, why didn’t think they would believe them?” And Joy Behar pointed out, “Not a single American has been killed by someone from the countries on that list.”

But Jedediah Bila strongly disagreed with her fellow panelists’ perspective. She admitted to having a problem with the original travel ban, but expressed approval for the revised version. “I don’t have a problem with this because it’s six specific countries. There are plenty of Muslim-majority countries that are not involved with this,” she said, arguing that Saudi Arabia wasn’t included because they cooperate with the U.S.

Hostin angrily shot back, “But that’s where the terrorists came from on 9/11! That’s where they came from, Jed!” As the group fought, Goldberg said, “He may have rewritten it but he hasn’t changed the content.” Hostin added, “And he hasn’t changed the intent.”

Bila confessed, “I have no idea what his intent is,” but said, “All I care about is the language in his order… And I believe the language in this order protects people from Muslim-majority countries who have proper vetting.” Goldberg countered that there already was adequate vetting, in part due to President Obama. Watch it all go down below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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