“The View” Reacts To Republican Senate Healthcare Bill Collapse

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The View Senate Healthcare Fight

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The View Senate Healthcare Fight


On Tuesday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to the collapse of the Republican Senate healthcare bill, leading to a massive fight. Watch the video below.

Late Monday, it became clear that the Republican-led Senate would not have enough votes to pass its version of the American Health Care Act, which was drafted to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. Many Democrats decried the legislation, as well as the House version that was passed earlier this year. But now that the Senate version has failed, Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are calling for a repeal of Obamacare without any actual replacement.

On the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg kicked off the live episode with mock seriousness, declaring, “Let us all take a moment to bow our heads at the death of the Republican healthcare bill. This bill has been born to die. It’s dead again.” With genuine seriousness, she then said “the most disturbing thing is it’s gotten very hateful,” and brought up the Republican legislator who retweeted an article wishing for John McCain’s death. “C’mon now. This is a little of out of control,” exclaimed the moderator.

Agreed Sunny Hostin, “It’s nastier than it’s ever been. We’ve talked about the devolution of our civility and we’re seeing it, certainly in government. But people are really concerned about their healthcare.” Sara Haines argued, “It should be mandatory that [Congress] have whatever’s decided on. It’s only fair.” And Joy Behar said, “People didn’t really appreciate Obamacare when it was working and doing well. People have a fantasy [that we’re going to repeal and replace] because the con man in the White House told them that.”

That prompted Haines to say, “For all the years of complaining, they didn’t want to work on a new version,” to which Behar cracked, “Maybe it’s time to repeal and replace McConnell.” Jedediah Bila noted that the vitriolic rhetoric is “coming from both sides towards both sides,” and Goldberg stressed that “wishing people dead isn’t going to change the fact that the bill the Republicans put out stinks.”

Becoming increasingly fired up, she exclaimed, “I’m really sick of everybody who doesn’t have to worry about healthcare talking about how it needs to go. It’s not just Republicans. It’s regular people, too.” To Bila, the problem is that there is a “fundamental difference in the way a lot of Republicans and a lot of Democrats want to handle this.” But Goldberg responded, “What the Republicans and Democrats want is no longer the issue. It’s the people… We want what [Congress] got. We want the same care that you’re getting.”

The tension increased when Behar said Republicans don’t care about healthcare and just want tax cuts. As the show went to commercial break, Bila asserted that was “unfair.” When the discussion resumed, the fighting ratcheted up. Bila angered her fellow panelists by saying, “I’m in favor of repealing this because it was bad for people. I think they should have had a replacement. I think they should’ve been ready to roll. They had time… Some of the people who are going to lose their healthcare are people who didn’t want it.”

Behar responded, “This is the philosophical problem we’re having: I believe healthcare is a right people should have and you don’t.” Bila insisted that “there are Republicans fighting for better healthcare,” and she and Hostin started shouting back and forth on whether the government should be responsible for healthcare at all. Check out the fiery chat in the videos below. NOTE: One of the videos is no longer available.

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