“The View” Reacts: Nikki Haley “Tough” On Russia, Jared Kushner In Iraq (VIDEO)

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The View Nikki Haley Russia

By Shari Weiss |

The View Nikki Haley Russia


On Monday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to Nikki Haley dealing with Russia while Donald Trump has Jared Kushner is in Iraq. Watch below.

As Trump’s ambassador for the United Nations, former South Carolina governor Haley says she’s being “tough” with Russia. Meanwhile, Kushner is currently on an official governmental trip to Iraq, despite having no experience with such dealings. All that has Whoopi Goldberg in a state of panic.

“I’m freaking out because I see who’s in charge of talking up to other nations,” she said on the ABC talk show. After playing a clip of Haley, she added, “It kind of freaked me out, because I’m used to seeing a little more [oomph] when they’re talking about this.” She went on to ask, “Isn’t somebody supposed to be in charge?”

Referring to Trump, Sara Haines said, “The message needs to come from the top-down.” And in regards to Haley, Joy Behar said, “He’d like to fire her, but he’s run out of son-in-laws at this point. Who’s he gonna put in there?”

Commented Sunny Hostin, “It’s bizarre. They don’t have any experience, if you look at them collectively… Jared Kushner is now in Iraq as some sort of personal envoy for the president. It’s his first visit there. Nikki Haley has no foreign experience, yet she’s tough on Russia. I don’t know what she has done.”

The panelists went on to discuss Trump’s focus on other things, like his wiretapping claims, prompting Goldberg to complain, “This is a lot of this when actual poop is happening. Real poop is happening.” Jedediah Bila also observed, “The irony is he’s tough on certain things, like the media … This is when it’s time to be tough, and he disappears. I would’ve asked Nikki Haley, how have you been tough on Russia?”

Behar declared, “He needs to be taken out office. He needs to be impeached. He’s a menace… He’s nuts, and we’re in the middle of it.” Goldberg expressed fear that Trump will lead the U.S. into war, and it’s our brothers and sisters who will be fighting. “Where does that lead us as a country?” she asked.

Bila agreed there’ll be consequences if Trump keeps “antagonizing” places like North Korea and China. “And we’re gonna eat it,” exclaimed Goldberg. Check out the video below.

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