“The View” Reacts To Muslim Ban (VIDEO)

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The View Muslim Ban Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View Muslim Ban Video


“The View” on Monday reacted to Donald Trump’s immigration executive action, debating whether it’s a Muslim ban. Watch below.

Whoopi Goldberg kicked of off the new episode by offering “thoughts and prayers” to all those affected by the mosque attack in Canada. She then introduced the Muslim ban topic, showing a clip of Rudy Giuliani explaining how he spoke with President Trump on how to enact such a thing legally. But Jedediah Bila objected to that characterization of the executive action.

“If you look at the language in the executive order, it’s not a Muslim ban,” she said, arguing, “It wasn’t shocking to me that an incoming president would say these seven countries are on the list.” Goldberg, however, said, “How are you not going to think it’s a Muslim ban? It sounds like we’re banning Muslims.”

She noted, “No illegal immigrant has come in here and shot anything up. It’s all been homegrown terrorism. Why aren’t we looking at that?” Sunny Hostin agreed, saying, “It really is a Muslim ban shrouded by this national security rationale.” And referencing the detained refugees getting legal aid at U.S. airports, she added, “I was horrified by what I saw, but I was so proud to be a lawyer this weekend.”

All were in agreement that the executive action was handled poorly, and Sara Haines argued, “Sloppy execution of this could mean the difference between life and death.” Joy Behar then stated point-blank, “Everything that Donald Trump is doing is making the world a less safe place. That is the bottom line of this administration.”

After a commercial break, the debate continued about whether this is truly a Muslim ban, with Bila disagreeing with the rest of the co-hosts. Goldberg reiterated her argument, “If this was about safety, let’s make America safe from within.” She added, “Syrian refugees are not the ones attacking.” Behar also claimed, “All this banning that he’s doing is recruiting more ISIS terrorism.”

Goldberg went on to champion by name the Republicans who have objected to Trump’s order, and, looking straight into the camera, said seemingly to Trump, “You handled it badly. Admit it, and let’s move on.” In the following segment, the panelists discussed “Jews” being left out of Trump’s White House statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Perhaps needless to say, but they weren’t too happy about that, either. Check out the videos below.

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