“The View” Reacts: Internet Privacy Rules Reversed By Republicans (VIDEO)

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The View Internet Privacy

By Shari Weiss |

The View Internet Privacy


“The View” co-hosts on Wednesday reacted to the Republican-led House voting to reverse Internet privacy rules. Check out the video below.

On Tuesday, the House passed a bill that will allow internet service providers to sell the browsing information of private citizens. “I’m freaked, because all my naked pictures are going to be out there,” Whoopi Goldberg joked, before saying more seriously, “I jest, but it means these things will now be sold to anyone who wants it. Obama had put something in place to stop this from happening. It would’ve gone into effect in a few weeks. The new guy wiped that out.”

Sunny Hostin commented, “I worry about my kids. Our kids are very tech-savvy. They use technology all the time… Now you’re telling me when my kid is on the computer, all of his or all of her information is now going to be sold?” Jedediah Bila noted that 15 Republicans voted against the bill, and said she was “glad to see at least someone in the Republican party on the House side cares about privacy.”

“This is a slippery slope. What happens today, if it doesn’t scare you, what happens tomorrow very well may,” she argued. And with the panelists wondering if Donald Trump’s taxes are online somewhere and now available be bought and sold under the new ruling, Hostin asked, “Do we reach out the president? He hasn’t signed this legislation. If he doesn’t want his taxes released, then maybe he protect us, too. Maybe he shouldn’t sign it.” Watch below.

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