“The View” Reacts To Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment Allegations (VIDEO)

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The View Harvey Weinstein

By Shari Weiss |

The View Harvey Weinstein


On Friday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to the sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein. They also debated Lisa Bloom’s choice to represent him. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, on Thursday the New York Times published an article detailing three decades of alleged sexual harassment from Weinstein. He’s been accused of making unwanted sexual advances to employees at his companies, as well as actresses in the entertainment industry. Ashley Judd went on the record to share her interactions with the movie mogul, and it was reported that Rose McGowan is one of several people who received a previously secret settlement from him. Weinstein has denied some of the allegations, but said he is in therapy and taking a leave of absence to work on bettering himself. Among those on his legal team is Bloom, which has raised eyebrows since she usually advocates on behalf of victims, not the accused.

Now on the ABC talk show, the subject first came up as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog roasted Joy Behar for her birthday. He appeared from under the panelists’ table and cracked that Weinstein was down there with him, enjoying the view. The crass canine then said the studio executive shouldn’t worry about the scandal, because “in a couple of weeks, it’ll blow over and before you know it, you’ll be president of the United States.” Following a commercial break, the co-hosts discussed the “hot topic” in earnest.

Behar questioned why people like Trump, Bill O’Reilly and Weinstein think women would be interested in their overtures, which prompted Paula Faris to note, “One of the accusations is really bizarre.” She was referring to the claim Weinstein asked one of the women to tuck him into bed. Sunny Hostin said that “what’s scary” is that people at his company had to sign non-disclosure agreements. “Women were signed on to secrecy… We’ve got to do something about this code of silence employers are placing on women,” she insisted.

Haines also brought up Weinstein blaming the culture of the 60s and 70s and how the “rules” have changed. She countered, “I don’t need a set of rules at my workplace to know I shouldn’t ask somebody to watch me shower.” And Faris called it “paradoxical” for Bloom to represent him, but also suggested she has a “conflict of interest” because they’re also working on a miniseries together. Behar concluded with some wise advice: “Stop sending pictures of your stuff. We don’t want to see that.” Check out the video below.

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