“The View” Debates: Should President Obama Criticize Donald Trump Administration?

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The View Debates Obama Criticize Trump

By Shari Weiss |

The View Debates Obama Criticize Trump


On Thursday’s “The View,” the co-hosts debated President Obama potentially criticizing the Donald Trump administration after he leaves office. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Obama held his last press conference on Wednesday, during which he noted he won’t be afraid to speak up, as a citizen, if believes there are governmental issues. That now sparked a hot topic discussion on the talk show. Whoopi Goldberg posed the question, “Should an ex-president criticize current administration?”

Joy Behar immediately declared, “Well, here’s the bottom line: You’re on the Titanic. Do you warn the crew that there’s an [ice]berg ahead and do you tell the captain turn the boat? That is what we’re up against right now. We’re all on the Titanic together.”

Sunny Hostin noted that Obama has “lived to uphold” constitutional values, like freedom of the press and freedom of the speech. “I can’t imagine he would ever stay silent about those particular issues,” she said. And Sara Haines argued that it’s “really important for him to speak out right now, because if we talk on the heels of this election… Obama remains a leader, but also a vision of hope in the [Democratic] party.”

“And if we don’t really have other people to look to, then that’s important,” Haines argued. She went on, “The chess board is all one color right now — with the president, possibly the Supreme Court, the Congress. So I think we do need someone to say ‘don’t worry, we’re all represented in a democracy,’ even if it comes in the form a former leader, a former president.”

The dissenting opinion came from Jedediah Bila, who stated, “I really liked that George W. Bush didn’t speak out.” She quoted the former president as explaining it isn’t “good for the country to have a former president undermine a current president.” Bila argued that former presidents are “out of the loop,” and may be “wrongly” judging without having all the facts.

Whoopi Goldberg, however, strongly disagreed with those points. “There is a club. Every time a president leaves, and the new president comes in, he joins the club,” she said. “All of the live, sitting presidents are at the president’s beck and call. Because that club is the only group of people who knows what it’s like.”

The moderator, wearing a “stay strong” shirt, worried Trump will “not avail himself of his predecessors” and instead be a “lone wolf.” Bila, though, made the case that such advice and criticism should happen “privately.” But Behar thought it would be fair for Obama to speak out because he has a “legacy to protect.”

“He has an obligation to speak. It’s not an option,” she insisted. As is often the case, the panelists ended up talking over each other at points. Check out the full video below.

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