“The View” Debates: Political Speeches At Oscars, Awards Shows (VIDEO)

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The View Political Speeches Award Shows

By Shari Weiss |

The View Political Speeches Award Shows


“The View” co-hosts on Friday debated political speeches at awards shows, like this weekend’s Oscars. Check out the video below.

Joy Behar brought up the topic by saying some Trump voters aren’t going to watch the Academy Awards on Sunday because they don’t want to be lectured on politics. Behar, though, said that’s exactly what she wants to see, and Sunny Hostin agreed. The lawyer argued, “To whom much is given much is required, and you have this significant platform. Why not use it for social justice? Why not use it to make the point?”

Jedediah Bila responded, “Because it’s one view! It’s one view all the time… It’s not like you have a diversity of thought that’s expressed there.” She went on to complain, “I’ve never seen an awards show in Hollywood and sat back and been like, ‘Wow, they’re advocating for a right-wing cause. That’s so interesting!'”

Sara Haines found herself torn between her two colleagues’ perspectives. “I commend those people that want to stand up and use their platform because they have it and they feel passionately,” she said, “but I think sometimes, their interests aren’t the same [as the masses].”

But Behar exclaimed, “I’m subjected to Donald Trump, the biggest celebrity in the world. I have to listen to his baloney every minute. I want to hear from some other celebrities!” Howie Mandel, who was guest co-hosting for “Guy Day Friday,” chimed in to say, “I think America is wonderful because we can speak up, whatever the platform. What I don’t understand is when people say that is not the platform.”

“Think about it: They’re giving out little statues for people who pretend. What is happening? Really, what is happening? How important is that night that somebody can’t get up and give their views?” the comedian asked. Bila replied, “Because there are people at home who love those actors and love those films, but feel very marginalized when it’s like, ‘Your views are wrong, by the way. And this is the right way to think.'”

She continued, “They say, ‘You know what, I love your movie, I love you as an actress, but I don’t want to be made to feel bad about my views.'” Behar shot back, “Too bad about you not wanting to hear it! I’m going to say it, anyway!” Watch below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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