“The View” Slams Critics Of Political Comedy: Trump Has “No Humor” (VIDEO)

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The View Political Comedy

By Shari Weiss |

The View Political Comedy


“The View” co-hosts are slamming critics who are objecting to political comedy during the Trump administration. Watch the video below.

On Tuesday’s episode, Whoopi Goldberg brought up complaints that shows like “SNL” and comedians like Stephen Colbert are “causing a bigger divide” in the country with their pointed political comedy. That prompted the moderator to ask the panel, “Is comedy now the problem?” Responded Sara Haines, “Comedy is the reason we’re laughing, not crying.”

She stressed that comedy has been a part of politics for decades, and argued, “You’ve gotta be able to laugh at this stuff. It unites people. They’re equal opportunity offenders. No one gets off.” Jedediah Bila also took issue with the “finger-pointing” from Trump’s government, as his officials pass blame rather than take responsibility. “At some point that does become tiresome. At some point, maybe people are having a hard time with you or maybe your administration. Own some of it.”

Joy Behar declared, “Comedians took down Nixon and we will take Trump down. Just wait.” Sunny Hostin also commented, “Laughter is the best medicine for these things.” She pointed out how comedians “entertain the troops,” and how “important” those USO visits are for service members overseas. Stated Goldberg, “Everyone knows [comedy] is part of the job, except for this guy… He has no humor.”

On a somewhat related issue, the co-hosts also rejected the recent suggestion that Trump was only “joking” when he questioned Barack Obama’s citizenship. “That was not a joke and that was actually very detrimental to the conservative movement,” Bila asserted. But birtherism caught on, and Goldberg now observed, “When all you want to do is win, you’ll accept anything.” Check out the video below.

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