“The View” Reacts To O.J. Simpson Parole Hearing (VIDEO)

The View OJ Simpson Parole Hearing

By Shari Weiss |

The View OJ Simpson Parole Hearing


On Friday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Simpson was granted parole on Thursday after pleading his case at a hearing in Nevada. But during the proceedings, he was at times argumentative, and many watching the hearing thought the convicted felon was not taking responsiblity for not only his kidnapping and robbery crimes, but also his past history of violence. Nicole Brown Simpson was not mentioned at all, but at one point he actually said he had led a “conflict-free life.”

Now on the ABC talk show, Joy Behar remarked, “I could not believe he said this at the hearing. Even if you’re not talking about the case with Nicole Brown, there’s others.” Referring to a spousal abuse case years before the murders, Sara Haines pointed out, “He pled no contest. He knows he beat up Nicole.” Behar sarcastically suggested he “forgot” his past misdeeds, to which Haines said, “Or he doesn’t view them as wrong still.”

Some have suggested the parole commission was “starstruck,” an argument Sunny Hostin rejected. “I think they did what the law required in that case,” said the former federal prosecutor. “Remember, he was convicted of the robbery. He wasn’t convicted of the murders. If it was anyone else, I don’t think he would’ve even spent nine years in jail.” Still, Paula Faris said, “There’s a grey area here… Why wasn’t the entire legal record considered?”

“I thought perhaps they would consider the spousal battery or maybe the civil case,” agreed Hostin, who went on to admit, “But I was surprised at how angry people are” over the decision. For Jedediah Bila, she was surprised at Simpson’s own anger. “What was shocking to me was he seemed almost defiant,” she said, asking, “Was he looking for them to not let him out?”

Hostin responded, “He doesn’t think he deserved to spend nine years for it.” The panelists went on to discuss race after Behar declared, “White America is obsessed with this case, let’s face it.” She pointed out that other cases involving black Americans don’t get the same attention, and Haines said that could be because “I think it’s not closed for us.”

Added Behar, “There’s many people in this country who don’t believe he did it. Many. It’s not an open and shut case.” And Faris noted, “I don’t necessarily think it was the color of the skin. It was who he was. He was iconic. He was a celebrity, an NFL superstar.” That prompted Hostin to stress, “I think he’s a black NFL superstar.”

“Let’s not kid ourselves and say race did not play a part,” she added, but Haines argued, “You can’t say it’s just race that keeps us captivated.” As Gossip Cop reported, hours before the hearing “The View” co-hosts also debated whether Simpson should get parole. Check out the full new chat in the video below.

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