“The View” Hosts Fight With Newt Gingrich Over Donald Trump – WATCH VIDEO

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The View Newt Gingrich Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View Newt Gingrich Video


“The View” co-hosts fought with Newt Gingrich on Tuesday’s show, arguing with him about whether Donald Trump is a liar and a fit president. Check out the video below.

The increasingly tense conversation began with the panelists asking Gingrich for his take on Trump’s Cabinet meeting. He acknowledged it was “different,” but in line with the former mogul preferring to make himself the center of things. “The centrality of Trump is a significant part of his life. Of course, now he has a Trump Air Force One, and a Trump Marine One, and now a Trump White House,” Gingrich said.

Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin immediately interrupted to protest, with the former saying, “No, he doesn’t have that!” The latter said, “He has the United States of America’s.” Added Goldberg, “Those belong to us. He can use them, but he can’t have them.”

Gingrich supported Trump’s belief that James Comey’s testimony vindicated him, saying, “If you go back and read his testimony, a lot of this puff shrinks.” Joy Behar didn’t agree in the least, prompting the Congressman to tell her, “I know you have hope.” Behar questioned, though, Comey’s handling of Trump versus Hillary Clinton.

“I think he found more than enough about Mrs. Clinton which is why she’s still Mrs. Clinton,” Gingrich said. Goldberg immediately objected, saying, “That was double speak at its best. What did you just say? What the hell did you just say?!” He clarified, “She would be President Clinton if he found nothing.”

The testy exchanges continued over Comey essentially calling Trump a liar, with Gingrich questioning whether the former FBI director was being honest. “I think they will each call each other liars. Remember, Comey was fired. In my experience, people who are fired often are unhappy,” he argued. Behar shot back, “But he wrote those memos before he was fired, so he wasn’t disgruntled yet.”

Countered Gingrich, “You assume he wrote those memos. Of course he was disgruntled.” Goldberg wasn’t buying any of it, and then asked if he believed Barack Obama wiretapped Trump. The former Speaker of the House tried to sidestep the question by saying he believes “there were people being wiretapped,” prompting her to angrily exclaim, “C’mon, no!”

Gingrich at least conceded that Obama was born in the U.S., leading Goldberg to exclaim, “Thank god.” Gingrich then stated, “I’m not going to defend Trump as a paragon of purity.” She replied, “Not a paragon of purity, but a guy at least who’ll tell the truth.” He responded, “I think he tells the truth a lot, and I think the American people concluded he was a better gamble on our future than Hillary Clinton.

Behar fired back, “Three million do not agree with that.” He in turn retorted, “That was all in California.” Gingrich went on to rip media coverage of Trump, after which Goldberg could hardly contain herself. Watch what happened in the video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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