“The View” Responds To NAACP’s Missouri Travel Advisory

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“The View” co-hosts on Thursday responded to the NAACP issuing a state-wide travel advisory for African-Americans in or going to Missouri. Check out the video below.

For the first time in the organization’s history, the NAACP is warning people of “looming danger” throughout a state after Missouri passed a bill in June that makes it more difficult for people to prove discrimination. The civil rights group has called the legislation a “Jim Crow bill,” and says in the advisory, “Individuals traveling in the state are advised to travel with extreme CAUTION. Race, gender and color based crimes have a long history in Missouri.” The situation sparked a passionate discussion about civil rights and racism on the ABC talk show.

An upset Joy Behar declared, “This is part of the plan to roll back all civil rights that we have fought for 50 years in this country… People should not stand for this. This is ridiculous. It’s just outrageous.” Sara Haines stressed that people need to vote in local elections because “this is happening at the state-level.” And Sunny Hostin said she was actually “happy that they did this because I want to know where I’m not welcome.”

Whoopi Goldberg responded, “But you should not be afraid in your own freakin country.” She went on defiantly, “All of this will not change the fact that people got hit with water hoses, little kids got chased down the streets, they made dogs and animals do horrible things. We’re not going anywhere. We’re citizens of this country, of every state of this union. No matter how many times you try to roll this ship back, we’re not going.”

And when Hostin noted that Missouri has a “terrible history,” Goldberg said, “There are those elements in every state of the union, but there are better elements that actually represent the country… These tactics aren’t going to work… There’s too many of us women, too many people of color, too many allies.” She insisted, “If you do it to them, you’re going to do it us and it’s not going to sit well.”

Jedediah Bila admitted she doesn’t “know the severity of what’s still happening,” but does not disagree with those who say “racism is dead.” She continued, “It’s not a thing of the past, but we need people living those realities in those places to speak out… I have never had that experience, but I want to ally myself with people” who have. That led Behar to remark, “You know who needs to speak up? White people in Missouri need to speak up.”

Countered Goldberg, “People in every state need to speak up right now. Everyone who recognizes this could be you… If they can stop one of us, they can stop all of us.” Indeed, Behar asked, “And who’s next?” Watch the video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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