“The View” Debates Meryl Streep, Donald Trump Golden Globes Feud (VIDEO)

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The View Meryl Streep Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View Meryl Streep Video


“The View” on Monday debated Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech and Donald Trump’s response. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Streep ripped Trump during her Cecil B. DeMille Award acceptance speech at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards. After playing a clip, Whoopi Goldberg asked her fellow co-hosts for their reaction. Jedediah Bila said point-blank, “She made me turn it off, if I’m being honest.”

“Not because I don’t respect her right to an opinion, not because — I think she’s a phenomenally talented actress,” Bila explained. “When I turn on an awards show, I don’t want to be lectured about politics. I don’t want to be lectured about climate change or about the NRA or about a left-wing issue or a right-wing issue. I want to appreciate your talent as an actor. I want to appreciate these films, and I want to leave the politics out of it.”

Bila went on, “And I hate when this happens, because, nine out of 10 times, we’ll all agree, the views do shift left, and there are people out there who love Meryl Streep and love her acting, but don’t want to be made to feel they’re being marginalized for their politics in a moment that’s not about politics.”

Joy Behar then brought up Trump’s tweets calling Streep an “overrated” actress, and sniped, “He’s such a baby. Of course, she’s no Scott Baio, I’ll admit that.” She went on more seriously, “He is supposed to be the president of the free world. He’s not there to [do] tit-for-tat over every little slight that goes through his thin skin. That is not his job.”

With that, Bila agreed, but Sunny Hostin then openly disagreed with her original remarks. “People look up to actors. They look up to athletes. They [are role models],” she pointed out. “And that was such an incredible platform. And what she was speaking out against, or in support of, was freedom of the press, not making fun of disabled people, supporting arts in our country. That message was really significant to me.”

Sara Haines also argued that it’s not easy to “separate” actors’ “political beliefs and their performances, because they seek their motivation in those feelings.” She pointed out, “In this particular instance, when they take that stage, they’re getting that moment so rarely when they actually get the award, that I think that’s what drives them, that this is what that community is about.”

Going back to Trump, Behar further argued, “People don’t like it when actors speak about politics. However, this country just elected a celebrity. We just elected a celebrity. So maybe he should keep quiet.” Looking in the camera, Goldberg then said, “She’s ‘overrated’ and she can back it up. You can’t say the same.” Both remarks were met with approval by the studio audience.

The moderator then read a Meghan McCain tweet dissing Hollywood, and announced, “Let me just put this out there: Stop using Hollywood as this bad word.” Goldberg and Bila, who had a fight about Planned Parenthood on Friday’s show, went on to have a back-and-forth about their opposing views, followed by Bila clashing with the panelists about whether Trump did, in fact, mock a disabled reporter, which was a key part of Streep’s speech.

The discussion ultimately came full circle when a disappointed Hostin asked, “Why did you turn off the television, Jed?” Bila responded, “I turned off the television because I’m tired of hearing political commentary on awards shows. Take a look at social media. Talk to people in middle America. Talk to people who feel Hollywood is completely out of touch with them.”

That prompted Goldberg to interrupt, “Do I need to explain Hollywood to you again?” Check out the full video below.

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