“The View” Debates: Melania Trump, Barron Fair Game Or Off Limits? (VIDEO)

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The View Melania Trump Barron Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View Melania Trump Barron Video


“The View” on Tuesday debated whether Melania Trump and Barron Trump are fair game for criticism and mockery during Donald Trump’s presidency. Check out the videos below.

Whoopi Goldberg explained that some Women’s March attendees held up signs reading “Free Melania,” while others have joked that the gift she gave Michelle Obama contained a note exclaiming, “Help!” The moderator asked, “The question is: Should she be off-limits?”

Footage was then shown of Melania accusing President Obama of having a fake birth certificate when she was on “The Joy Behar Show” in 2011. “As you can see from that clip, she was very assertive about it,” Behar now pointed out. “She was right on [Trump’s] team.” Sunny Hostin admitted she had been giving Melania “passes” on various things, from her nude photos to the plagiarism scandal, until she watched that interview showing that she, too, is political.

“Then I saw that, and I was like ‘Wow, you DON’T get a pass. You don’t get a pass. Because now you’re pushing forth conspiracy theories,'” Hostin argued. Goldberg acknowledged that married couples do “parrot” what their spouses say, but lamented that people aren’t getting to hear the new First Lady’s own personal views. And Jedediah Bila noted that Melania shouldn’t be immune to criticism, just as Michelle Obama wasn’t. “Be consistent,” she urged.

In a related “hot topic,” the panelists also discussed “SNL” writer Katy Rich getting suspended for her tweet saying Barron Trump would be the “first home-school shooter.” Goldberg said they would not show the controversial joke, but asked, “Should kids always be off-limits?”

Bila responded, “Kids don’t ask for the job. They don’t sign up for the job, and I don’t think they should be subject to mockery… Show some respect for the family. There has to be something sacred, and I think it should be the children.”

Said Hostin, “But isn’t it because he’s 10? I certainly think a 10-year-old is off-limits. I have a 10-year-old, and she’s extremely sensitive, and I’d be furious if someone did something like that.” But, she added, Trump’s older children are “different.”

Sara Haines said she understands the nature of comedy, but in this age of bullying, she would “have a hard time even laughing anywhere at a joke at the kid’s expense.” Behar, however, disagreed, arguing, “You’re holding a comedy writer responsible, and the president of the United States says much worse things and he becomes the president.”

“It’s a double standard,” she insisted, but Goldberg countered, “Why punish the kid for that? It’s not his fault his dad’s a, you know, whatever.” Watch below.

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