“The View” Mocks “Melania Trump Double” Conspiracy Theory

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The View Melania Trump Conspiracy Theory

By Shari Weiss |

The View Melania Trump Conspiracy Theory


On Thursday’s “The View,” the co-hosts mocked a conspiracy theory that claims Donald Trump is using a “Melania Trump double” for public appearances. Of course, there really isn’t someone impersonating the First Lady, but the panelists had a debate and a laugh anyway.

The weird rumor went viral on Wednesday after a Twitter user posted photos claiming that the woman who appeared by the president’s side during a recent press appearance was not actually Melania, but an imitator chosen to fill in for her. Many people on social media quickly fell for the theory, but additional photos and video documentation showed that it was, in fact, Melania staning next to her husband. Now on the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg introduced the topic by saying, “There is a new White House conspiracy theory.”

After watching the original video of the First Couple, Joy Behar argued, “That’s not Melania. That’s the wrong nose. The girl has a different nose. And Melania doesn’t shake her head like that. She usually stands silently. I don’t think that that’s her nose.” The comedienne then waffled a bit, saying, “Let’s see [the comparison] again. Look at her nose! Well, maybe it’s a shadow.” Sunny Hostin pointed out, “The Secret Service says they don’t use body doubles. I don’t know if they would tell us anyway.”

“It’s like in the movie Dave,” Sara Haines commented. “There were two presidents.” She also brought up the “sunglasses conspiracy,” with people wondering why they were supposedly “worn all day long.” Behar went on to crack, “This is going to extremes to not be near him. To get a body double, I mean, that really!” And Meghan McCain admmitted, “I’m such a hypocrite, though, because I hate political conspiracies. I used to get stuff all the time, like why Hillary Clinton wore blue sunglasses. And last night I was like, ‘Is this her?!'”

She continued, “I got totally sucked in. I was on a text exchange with my friends and we kept sending photos… I was like, ‘we’re wasting our life right now.'” Replied Goldberg, “I think so!” She also noted, “People were also saying he never introduces her by name. And I say it’s because I feel he can’t remember who it is. I feel he can say ‘Melanavanka’ or can say Melanivania,’ so if he says one of those two he’ll hit one, and I think that will be helpful.”

Goldberg amusingly added to the camera, addressing the president, “People say I don’t like you, I’m trying to help you!” Check out the video below!

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